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Chrome for Android Dev Channel (Finally) Arrives

Google has launched a new dev channel version of Chrome for Android, letting mobile users test Chrome's bleeding edge changes for the first time.

30 April 2015

Better Late Than Never: Google Finally Brings 64-bit Chrome to Windows

Google has finally released native 64-bit builds of Chrome for Windows 7 and 8, albeit as development builds aimed at developers and brave testers.

4 June 2014

Google Devs Accidentally Invert Scrolling in Latest Chrome OS Dev Update

Among the changes rocking up in the most recent dev channel update to Chrome OS was one tweak you can't help but have noticed: inverted scrolling.

3 April 2014

Chrome Apps Can Now Respond to Keyboard Shortcuts When Browser Not in Focus

When the shiny new mini-media player app for Google Music launched one feature was notably absent: media key support. In order to skip a track, pause playback or stop music entirely one had to hunt […]

3 April 2014

Which Google Chrome Channel Do You Use and Why?

Which Google Chrome Channel do you use as your main browser on the desktop? That's the question we're asking you in our latest poll.

7 March 2014

Which Tab Is Playing Music? New Chrome Dev Feature Lets You Know

Google Chrome's dev channel has upped the useful ante by adding a visual indicator to tabs playing music, video or accessing your webcam.

5 November 2013

How To Switch to Beta or Dev Channels on Chrome OS

I get it. You’ve had your Chromebook for a couple of months and now you want to see what features and changes are coming up. The good news is that Google make it very, very […]

16 September 2013

See What’s New In the Latest Chrome OS Dev Update

The Dev Channel of Chrome OS has been updated this evening with a bunch of minor changes.

29 May 2013

Google Launcher Starts Showing Up in Chrome New Tab Page

If you're running a bleeding edge version of Google Chrome (be it dev, chromium or Canary) then take a peek at the New Tab page: there's something different.

27 May 2013