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Google’s Russian ‘New Tab’ Page for Chrome – A Hint At What’s to Come For Us All?

Is There More to This Localised Add-On for Chrome Than Meets The Eye? We Think So...

1 April 2013

Google Search Box Vanishing from Omnibar Searches in Chrome Dev

Lately I've noticed that searches made from the omnibar are behaving a bit differently in Chrome OS Dev: the Google Search results page no longer shows a search box on the page.

27 March 2013

Chrome Dev Channel Revamps ‘New Tab’ Page

If you're on the Chrome Dev channel do me a favour - open up a new tab. See a difference? Chances are you might.

20 March 2013

ChromeOS Dev Channel Updates, Adds App Reordering, Smart Window Placing

New features have landed in the ChromeOS dev channel, including the ability to re-arrange apps in the App Menu, and mirror the display on a second monitor. Sure, they might sound like trivial additions - but they make using ChromeOS as a bona-fide desktop that little bit easier.

21 November 2012