V1 Apps in Chrome OS Will Lose Shortcut Emblem
V1 Apps in Chrome OS Will Lose Shortcut Emblem

Chrome OS will not include ‘app arrows’ on old-style Chrome Web Apps – at least not for now.

So-called ‘V1′ applications on Chrome OS Dev & the Chrome Windows application launcher currently display a web shortcut emblem in the lower left-hand corner. This to help visually differentiate them from the newer packaged applications (dubbed V2) so that, Chrome devs say, “expectations are set appropriately’.

Packaged applications offer a greater set of features and functionality that the older, browser-bound web apps.

But, in an update to code today, these pesky little arrows have been removed from Chrome OS, though not from Chrome Dev on Windows.

The reasoning? Chrome devs say:

“[It] makes ChromeOS look ugly, since it has many default apps, most of which will have this “shortcut” UI. 

We [will] live with the dissonance in the short-term [and] aim to bring ChromeOS in sync with [Chrome on Mac and Windows] when we have more v2 apps (specially among the set of default apps).”

Sounds fair to me.

Are you using Chrome OS Dev? What’s your preferred solution for marking V1 apps from V2 ones? 

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