If you’re on the Chrome Dev channel do me a favour – open up a new tab. See a difference?

Chances are you might. It seems that Google have rolled out a new-look ‘New Tab’ page to the Dev Channel.

New 'New Tab' Layout in Chrome Dev
New ‘New Tab’ Layout in Chrome Dev

The revamped look doesn’t deviate too much from what was there before (incremental change is better than dramatic change). A search box has been added, and the ‘Apps’ page now shows more than 8 apps at a time…

Chrome Dev 'Apps' Page
Chrome Dev ‘Apps’ Page

Work in Progress

The good news for those less than overjoyed by this revamp is that it’s clearly a work in progress (which, if you’re on the Dev Channel, is something you should be expecting anyway).

For example, the search bar on both Most Visited and Apps is literally a Google Search box. No slick drop-down instant suggestions; no searching your apps, bookmarks or history; just a straight up Google search box.

That will change.

Secondly, at present, there is no way to remove or rearrange sites on the Most Visited page.

That will change.

The ‘Recently Closed’ link takes you straight to the History pane in Settings. Which, while useful, is hardly the best way to show ‘recently closed’.

That will change.

Are you excited by the new look? What would you change if you were Google?

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