New features have landed in the ChromeOS dev channel, including the ability to re-arrange apps in the App Menu, and mirror the display on a second monitor.

Sure, they might sound like trivial additions – but they make using ChromeOS as a bona-fide desktop that little bit easier.

New Features

My highlight in this update is easily the App Menu re-ordering. It’s little things like this that often have the biggest impact on usability. Finally, no more do I need to search or swipe right to find my most used apps – I can pop them all on the first page, ready for clicking.

Another new feature is that of ‘intelligent window positioning’ for newly opened windows. This sees ChromeOS auto-arrange apps (until you move them yourself) so that all are visible.

ChromeOS Window Arranging

Finally, multi-monitor users will appreciate the arrival of desktop mirroring and extending.


If your ChromeOS Device is on the ‘dev’ channel you’ll get this update the next time you turn on your device or, as updates are silently installed, you may even have it already!

Chrome OS Video dev channel