We haven’t vanished

Hello, remember us?

No hard feelings if you don’t, as it’s been a while since we last lifted the lid on our Chromebook to serve up some fresh content for you lot to feast on.

There are reasons (as ever) for this lack of effort — but it’s certainly not through no motivation.

Any Linux fan following our sister site will know that we are around and pumping out content daily over there.

But our eyes have been off Chrome & ChromeOS for a little while. We’re also a little unsure of where we sit in the landscape.

I wanted to post this update just to remind you all that this site is still very here, and that you don’t need to remove us from your bookmarks — but to also ask for your help.

Get Involved

If you want to see more content on this site there are a number of things you can do to help.

First is to follow us on social media. It may sound like a strange thing to do but a strong social media following is one way that small sites like ours the chance to shout through the noise generated by bigger technology blogs that are run by million-dollar companies.

You can follow us on:

  1. Twitter
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  3. Google+
  4. YouTube

We also have a Google+ community that you can join (the big Chromebook community on Google+ blocks articles shared from this site, sadly).

Send us news. Seriously, do it. Don’t assume that we’ve seen everything happening in Chrome land (it’s a vast expanse spanning 4 desktop operating systems, 2 mobile operating systems, Chromecast, and an ecosystem for apps, add-ons and more!)

With two blogs to run, chances are we’ll miss stuff from time to time. So if you find a neat new flag in Chrome, or stumble upon something really interesting that you think other reader’s should know about, you can send us a tip through this site using the Tip Form in the header, or you can e-mail me directly: joey(at)ohso(dot)io.

Share Our Articles


If you find any of our articles interesting, useful or otherwise ‘shareable’ do please share them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and sites like Reddit.

We face a problem in that some larger sites often see us cover a change, new feature or development and write about it but don’t credit us. This means many people simply never learn we exist.

Give us your opinion

We’re also interested in hearing about the sort of content you want to see on this site. Do you want more tutorials on using Chrome (the browser)? More extension reviews? More coverage of Chrome on Windows, macOS and Linux? Less Chromebook/ChromeOS coverage? Let us know by selecting up to 4 items in the poll below.

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