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Chromebook App Shelf

How Many Apps Do You Pin to Your Chromebook’s Taskbar?

Chrome OS allows you to pin apps to the task bar (also known as the 'app shelf') at the bottom of the screen — but how many do you keep pinned?

30 July 2019

Are Chromebooks Fuelling Rise in Linux OS Marketshare?

It's a question many have been asking over the past few months, as open-source enthusiasts rallied around reports that show Linux marketshare gaining ground for another consecutive month.

22 December 2016
samsung series 5 chromebook

OMG! We Need Your Opinion On Something…

Hello, remember us?

21 November 2016

Which Apps Do You Have Pinned in Chrome OS?

Take a quick perusal of our Google+ Community and you'll come across lots and lots of Chrome OS screenshots, typically from people showing off their desktop wallpaper.

12 October 2014

Designer Reimagines Chrome for iOS 8 With Stunning Results

Google's new Material Design language is slowly creeping across the search giant's various apps, sites and services, most recently in Google Chrome for Android.

17 September 2014

Google’s Official Chromebook Decals Were Awesome

Google's matte black, single-core Cr-48 is an indisputably important milestone in Chrome OS history — but it's not the device itself that is the focus os this week's "Throwback Thursday" post.

17 July 2014

How a Simple Takeaway Box Helped this Chromebook Rival Apple

Most of us pay little attention to the sort of box that our computers come in. It's a perfunctory barrier; something we rip off and toss in the trash with little thought, eager to get at what's inside.

14 July 2014

Why a Chromebook Makes The Perfect Windows XP Upgrade

Wondering why you might want to upgrade from Windows to a Chromebook? Let us fill you in on the benefits, boons and bonuses you get from going Google.

8 April 2014

Five Features Missing from Google’s Chrome OS

Google's Chrome OS has come a long, long way in just a few short years — but is it as good as it can be?

24 March 2014