hp g3The IFA 2014 trade show earlier this month was awash with new product announcements, unveilings and demos.

Amidst the sea of new smartwatches and smartphones came a small but notable wave of new Chromebooks.

HP announced a revamped version of their 14.1-inch Chromebook powered by an Nvidia Tegra K1 processor.

Toshiba gave many what they’d been hoping for: a Chromebook with a 1080p IPS display, while Dell gave a release date to their very first Chromebox.

But is there still room for improvement?

Our Personal Shopping Lists

The mere hint of a new Chrome device causes most of us to cross every available appendage in the hope that this will finally be the device to check off every item on our shopping list of wants.

As we’ve seen more often than not, what we think and want in a Chromebook rarely tallies with what we end up getting. No one device can ever satisfy all of us. Keeping in mind that consumer Chromebooks have significant budgetary constraints, there will also always be compromises.

What Do You Want

Take a quick glance at the comments or social chatter on a Chrome device and you’ll see plenty of debate on what features devices should have as standard.

We compiled a list of the most frequently mentioned wants to form the following poll. While we have chosen to overlook some of the more obvious choices — c’mon, we’d all love 72 hour battery life and a seamless aluminium chassis, but is it likely? — to instead focus on more tangible benefits.

Need a backlit keyboard so that you can type in the dark? Fed up with mediocre video quality in your Hangouts? Want speakers that don’t sound like an AM radio station being beamed in from Mars? Maybe you continue to wince at the measly storage and memory options offered as standard…

In the poll below you can register up to three essentials torn from your own personal wish list.  Who knows: maybe, just maybe, someone from Lenovo, ASUS or Acer is reading…

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