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Google Offers £4.99 Free Google Play Store Credit to UK Chromecast Owners

offerUntil July 15, Google is offering UK Chromecast owners £4.99 of free Google Play credit to, they say, ‘put towards a movie rental’ from the Play Store. 

Great for an Easter weekend of movie watching, right?

Diving into the terms and conditions for the promotion it seems that the credit is not solely limited to movie loans, however:

“Credit can be used towards any movie rental or other content on Google Play. Not all Google Play movies are available for rental … Credit cannot be used towards any purchase of devices (such as phones, tablets or any related accessories) or subscriptions.”

Going by this, film, TV and app purchases should be eligible, too.  Once the offer has been redeemed the credit must be used by 15 July 2015 or it will expire.

How to Redeem

google play offer

The promotional banner from the Play Store

First things first: you must be in the UK, have purchased a Chromecast in the UK, and have set it up in advance. The offer is unlikely to work for those who imported a Chromecast from America.

Provisos checked off, you need to visit the ‘Chromecast offers page’ from the Chrome browser with the Chromecast extension installed.

Visit Google Chromecast Offers Page

Check the box to allow Google access to the serial number of your device. This is required to check that you meet the criteria. If successful, credit for one penny shy of a fiver will be deposited into the Google Play account associated with your device for you to spend on content in the Play Store.

Movies & TV

What can £4.99 rent you? Some choice movie picks include The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (£3.49); Free Birds (£1.99) and Captain America: The First Avenger (£2.99).

For TV, you can purchase the four-part BBC science series ‘Wonders of the Universe‘ for £3.99, or grab a pair of Doctor Who episodes at £1.89 each.

In fact, since the bulk of top titles eligible for redemption cost less than a fiver, you may end up with some credit left over to put towards a future rental (canny move to get us to spend our own cash, Google!) — just remember to use it before July 15.

  • whizzer0

    Damn! Mine’s a US import!

  • Boothy

    By all accounts, you can spend the credit on anything you want in the Play store once redeemed!
    Damn, mines a US import too……..

  • ducky wilson

    damn, I’m in the US

  • unlucky

    I bought a chromecast today in the PCWorld shop in the UK, but when looking for available offers nothing is found. How do I get this offer?

    • Clare Fletcher

      You need to go to the link through the Chrome Browser and when it asks you to select a device cast that browser page to your Chromecast. It will then bring up the available offer on your TV.
      They havn’t made it as obvious as it could have been. Mine failed to come up first time because I was watching Netflix on the Chromecast at the time, but i closed it and it worked fine then.

      • Darren

        Did you get yours from PC World? I got mine from PC World today expecting to Watch the 2nd Hunger Games film later using the free credit. The offers page on the TV just comes up with no offers.

        • Clare Fletcher

          Yes mine was from PC world 2-3 weeks ago. Make sure your chromecast is set up and not running anything. The offer won’t show up until you cast the browser page to the chromecast.

          • kenkyle236

            Doesn’t work for me no matter what, I’ve contacted Google about this and they will get back to me.

          • Michael Binks

            @kenkyle236:disqus how
            have you contacted Google? Had a response yet? Bought mine from pc world
            over the weekend and I get the same outcome…’We didnt find any offers’

          • THF_Dave

            Hi, sorry to nag but any update yet? I’m in the same boat!

          • kenkyle236

            Hello, yes they have finally followed up on this and they say that they are working up with a solution for this. In the meantime they have kindly given me a code for £4.99 provided that I gave them the serial number and receipt via email.

  • Darren

    I also purchased a Chromecast today from PC world expecting to get the £4.99 credit but the offers site just comes up with no offers. I feel like I’ve been conned.

  • PC World customer

    I got mine from PC World (in the UK) last week and it says no offers are available. It is setup and was not running anything when I check, which I’ve done a number of times via PC and Android devices.


    Obviously this so big amount for the owner the chromecast and i think UK people should be celebrate this offers. Google does really good job for better service in the internet.