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Google Chrome 37 Arrives with Improved Font Rendering on Windows


New release ahoy!

Google Chrome 37 has been released to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux desktop users. 

The headline change in Chrome 37 will, for most, be the introduction of DirectWrite support for Windows. As we highlighted during its time on the beta channel this modern technology improves the appearance of font rendering on supported Windows systems, including Windows 7 and Windows 8. 

‘Chrome 37 also includes 50 key security fixes

Chrome 37 also includes 50 key security fixes, many of which have been contributed, flagged or fixed by external researchers.

As is tradition, Google won’t share the full list until the majority of Chrome users have been successfully updated and patched. But, among the handful it has highlighted, there are bug fixes for ‘V8, IPC, sync, and extensions’ that potentially allowed remote code to run outside of the Chrome sandbox, and the closing of a loophole that could’ve enabled the permissions dialog of an extension to be spoofed.

Rounding out the changes are the new app and extension APIs for developers to toy with, and the usual improvements under the hood to boost app stability and overall performance.

(No; there’s no word of a fix on the infamous ‘Windows Battery Eating issue’). 

Updating Chrome Stable

If you’re already running Google Chrome Stable you’ll be automatically updated in the background in the coming hours. Alternatively, head over to the Google Chrome website to grab an installer.

Download Chrome for Desktop

  • Mark Winkler

    Some fonts are showing up italicized that shouldn’t be. Anyone else seeing this?

    • r4in

      That is probably Windows issue (some fonts missing or not installed correctly). Try searching it in Google, there are various fixes.

      • calling all toasters

        It’s not a Windows issue for me. I don’t see them in IE or Firefox, for instance. Changing fonts in “Settings” (it was worth a try) only changes the fonts used when in the “inspect elements” window. Weird. But not Microsoft.

        EDIT: Isaiah Schultz’s solution worked for me!!! I award him the internet!

  • Alvin Silvia

    Does anyone know if this is the 64bit version

  • Ibra

    Will this update also be avaliable for chromebook?

    • r4in

      Of course.

  • To me it’s happening to me quite the opposite with improved rendering of tipogragía. Now everything looks horrible. :( Anyone else with the problem? Thank you!

    • Isaiah Schultz

      Yes, this is exactly what happened with me as well.

    • Isaiah Schultz

      Found the solution:

      1. Navigate to “chrome://flags” using the address bar
      2. Find the section titled “Disable DirectWrite”
      3. Click “Enable” within that section
      4. Click the “Relaunch Now” button at the bottom of the screen

      Hope that works for you!

      • calling all toasters

        THANK YOU.

        • Isaiah Schultz

          You got it!

      • Elohim

        Thank You!!

      • Yunus

        Thank you very much :)

      • This worked, but only slightly improved rendering fonts. It’s still horrible. Thanks anyway!

        • Shri

          turn off hardware acceleration in advanced settings

          also if your screen is >-1080p and you have 125% scaling – change the start link

          1. dpi scaling issues (weird zooms) – only fix is by changing start parameter
          “XXXXXXXXchrome.exe” /high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1
          and possibly changing registry from all keys that say … Chrome.exe” –%1 to …. Chrome.exe” /high-dpi-support=1 /force-device-scale-factor=1
          2. blurry fonts (with or without dpi scaling issues)
          –> turn off directwrite (chrome://flags settings)
          –> uncheck “use hardware accelaration when available”
          –> restart all chrome processes

          • wirelesscord

            Why do you want to turn off hardware accerelation? It isn’t the cause of this issue, DirectWrite flag alone fixes it.

          • Shri

            actually you are partly correct. hardware acceleration turn off is really not needed it is just that for machines that do not have a separate Graphics card, if Hardware acceleration is checked on, it can take additional CPU to keep performing checks and it can stack up CPU if the number of tabs is increased.

  • Crow550

    So will Chromebooks that have 64 bit capable CPUs get the 64 bit edition? I guess only Intel chips at this point….

    While most Chromebooks have 2 gigs of Memory….. Other 64bit features like the additional security stuff would be a benefit….

    • miri

      They (the Bay Trail and I3 Chromebooks) should already have it 64bit Chrome OS.

      • Crow550

        Anyone confirm this?

      • Haswell and Ivy Bridge Chromebooks (Acer)/Chromeboxes (Asus) here are all 64-bit.

  • AJ D

    My god it looks awful!! Everything is ‘bigger’ now (both fonts and icons, with my Chrome bookmark bar not fitting on just the top line) and the fonts aren’t stable i.e. when I run the mouse over ‘buttons’ like the ‘Reply’ or ‘Share’ buttons on this page, everything ‘wobbles’ like they are behind gas or something. Wtf did Google do?? :(

    • arn

      Chrome sadly joined Firefox in this regard.
      Both browsers now respects your general text size / resolution settings in Windows 7.

      You probably have configured your display text settings to show “Medium – 125%”. This is great for high resolution screens, but Chrome sadly zooms everything in, when these settings are set to Medium – 125%. This is probably the problem you have right now.

      If you set the text settings to show “Small- 100%”, and restart your PC, Chrome will act and look normal again.

      More info here:

      • Skid Roe

        Incredibly stupid. Improved fonts were working for me on 36, now they’ve borked the browser. And when I googled the problem, I found a post where one of the devs blamed microsoft. It works fine in IE, it worked fine last version, now it doesn’t because they changed something and … it’s somebody else’s fault. I am fed up with constant software changes, it simply brings more problems.

      • Guest

        Thanks Arn.

        You were right, SR was set to M125. Reducing to S100 fixed the wobbly Chrome issue.

        Unfortunately, now EVERYTHING else (outside of Chrome) is tiny on my screen. :,(

        Oh well, I spend most of my day in Chrome, so if the world can’t be perfect, I’ll at least be happy its stable! ;p

      • AJ D

        Thanks Arn.

        You were right, SR was set to M125. Reducing to S100 fixed the wobbly Chrome issue.

        Unfortunately, now EVERYTHING else (outside of Chrome) is tiny on my screen. :,(

        Oh well, I spend most of my day in Chrome, so if the world can’t be perfect, I’ll at least be happy its stable! ;p

  • Han Cnx

    Seriously messed things up.. Installed the 64 bit version. Fonts are *very* weird, and especially on Facebook. So I went back to 32 bit, but… problem is still the same. It’s actually very hard to read. This site is okay-ish, but Facebook is terrible. (This on Windows 8.1)

    • Anthony Tumiwa

      because the 64 bit is actually 32 bit version, just look at the file size, they are same and when you go to task manager , it shows that u use chrome 32 bit version

  • wirelesscord

    “Improved font rendering”… well, that is for sure subjective. On most websites they look awful. And I’m quite used to blurrier fonts in Ubuntu, but this just looks wrong.

    Unfortunately DirectWrite can be disabled (expect the stubborn devs to remove this flag just because they can): chrome://flags/#disable-direct-write

    Considering the amount of Windows scaling related and other issues on the bug tracker… why they have such a urge to land clearly buggy and incomplete features to stable? Just like Aura, a complete mess at first.

  • ViBE

    am I the only one who experienced slowness with the x64 version on Windows 8.x?

    • Same here! I think I’m going back to the 32bit version

    • Andrew Markham

      Speedy fast here.

    • ViBE

      now I tested on Ubuntu too and I experiencing the same. opening/closing a tab takes more time, resizing and redrawing is laggy. usually the window “white out”.

  • calden74

    Something that wasn’t mentioned that I think is very important. Chrome now supports high definition displays in Metro mode under Windows 8. This is so cool, it’s like having ChromeOS inside Windows 8, looks and runs the same way.Especially when your running a super-fast Lenovo T440 with a i7-4910MQ CPU, score of 9851 on, I’m in heaven, fastest ChromeBook ever!!!!!!

  • Am I the only one experiencing stability issue with the stable version of Chrome? I run it on a x64 version of Ubuntu. The guys I work with have it all on x64 versions of Windows 7 and they all (10 guys total) have switched back to Firefox due to stability issues with the “stable” version of Chrome. Everyday I come in to work and unlock my PC I have to close Chrome and reopen it. Then sporadically throughout the day I am forced to close it and reopen it due to the browser being locked up. It is becoming troublesome and I am inching closer and closer to swapping over to Firefox, but I have been an avid supporter of Chrome since its conception. I own 4 chromebooks and love each one of them. The chromebooks version of chrome does not have any problem. Although one has became terribly slow to boot. I was thinking maybe I can try uninstalling and reinstalling, but it would be the second time I’ve done this. Maybe I could move to the beta version and have better luck. If anyone has gone through this lately and has found a way to make Chrome stop locking up, please let me know.

    • mgamerz

      V36 has been looking up on my Mac all the time recently. Never used to.

    • Andrew Markham

      Wonder what the issue is? I exclusively use chrome and never have a lockup or issue. I only exit it to reboot my PC and that’s maybe once every couple weeks.

  • Daniel Traynor

    Disable Direct Write and install ‘MacType’ link:
    Select ‘Standalone Loading Mode’ then select ‘XMAC.LCD’ and click finish.

    Restart Chrome.

    You’ll notice a vastly improved font. Cleaner, Bolder and HOW IT SHOULD BE.


  • Matt

    So this new update of Chrome OS has been released. However, when I go to Settings > Help on both my Asus Chromebox and my Acer Chromebook it still shows me on Version 36. Does Google roll out these new updates slowly or something? Even when I refresh the page, it checks for updates but then says “Your device is up to date.” No way to force update to the latest version? Thanks.

    • Wade Menard

      Stable channel for Chrome OS hasn’t been updated to 37 yet.

  • Brennen Raimer

    Youtube no longer functions for Chrome 37 x86 on linux….

    • wirelesscord

      Very specific problem description, almost as specific as “my computer no longer works”.

    • Ahmad Syukri bin Abdollah

      Works on x86-64 linux.

  • Has anyone managed to get the java plugin working with chrome 37 64bit stable on windows?

  • Peter Zhe Chen

    The Chrome 37 on Windows 8 is very lousy!! If you change the default Windows font size, 125% medium zoom, Chrome launcher font will be totally unreadable

  • Bluegrapes

    Am I the only one here that likes the new font rendering? The old font rendering always looked too blurry to me and I could see the difference when I compared the font rendering between Firefox and Chrome. But now the new font rendering looks clearer and sharper like in Firefox.

  • matteas

    I really appreciate that I can disable your headline change, Chrome. Much awesome, so improvement.

  • > chrome://settings/fonts change to 16 size.

  • J Marineau

    ‘improve font rendering’ just hit me today. I hate it. reminiscent of Windows clear-view or whatever that was. Everything just got fuzzy instead of sharper. grr!

  • Joe Rossu

    It screwed my font settings…. ive got everything in cursive and different size / font… D: Cant change it back…. time for firefox again

    • wirelesscord

      Disable direct write from chrome://flags.

      • Joe Rossu

        BIG THANKS dude, it worked! :)

  • Melissa Williams

    It has made our business website a complete mess using Chrome. This is ridiculous.

  • Xayners

    Chrome randomly closed to do this update, I open it up again, and my resolution is completely botched. Everything is so tiny and I can see more bookmarks than usual and I hate it.

  • christian_707

    All standard fonts look terrible now!! They look so thin and hard to read! My Times New Roman look like some kind of Georgia now, but blurred! And no way to turn it off!! WTF Google!!

  • christian_707

    Okay everyone, after much research, here is the solution: enter chrome://flags in the address bar, find “Disable DirectWrite” and select “Enable” (which infact means to disable that feature — Google’s logic, worse than Microsoft I know). This will bring you back to the nice, unaltered, readable fonts like you’d find on Firefox etc. and you shouldn’t be bothered with the super thin, blurred, barely readable new fonts rendering. Note: you need to restart your browser for changes to take effect.

    • Tata

      It didn’t work :(

      • Golam Annoor Mahboob

        you have to restart chrome for the flags to work

        • Tata

          nope. won’t work like before, I still had to make some font adjustments to make it look somewhat better. I enabled the flag, restarted chrome, reinstalled chrome, re-enabled the flag, restarted computer, checked screen resolution, you name it, still messed up. now the blasted thing crashes every time I have more than two tabs open. Windows 7/64-bit if makes any difference.

          • Golam Annoor Mahboob

            This solution worked for me. All variables same. Maybe you aren’t logged in as administrator or your registry might be altered for it to not work. Anyways, its out of my knowledge buddy.

    • Joe Rossu

      yep worked :)

    • Golam Annoor Mahboob

      Thanks mate

    • Dinesh Vijayakumar

      Thanks. It works :)

    • evoarc

      This worked brilliantly, thank you

    • rthur

      GENIUS! ABSOLUTELY GENIUS christian_707! I have been struggling with this for days and days and searching all over the Internet. YOur solution fixed it. Why hasn’t Google reported this fix??? Thank you thank you!

      • wirelesscord

        It is not enabled by accident and it is “working as intended”. Another matter is, why does Chrome devs think this an improvement and if it is not a finalized feature, why the beep are they landing beta features into stable.

    • JuliusArna

      Am I completely blind (and late to the discussion) or has the DirectWrite option gone? I for the life of me can’t find it in chrome://flags

      • wirelesscord

        It’s still there in canary (39.0.2167.0). What version are you using?

    • RobertDude


  • Tata

    I tried changing setting and it doesn’t work. Chrome doesn’t save my changes.

  • Nick

    Chrome v37 on Windows completely broke our site fonts, now showing enormous and bolded. All versions through v36 were fine. All other browsers, IE, Firefox, are fine on Windows. Chrome v38 on Mac is fine. All other browsers on mac are fine. There is isolated to Chrome v37 on Windows that breaks fonts.

    • Web dev here. Did you end up finding a fix?

  • wtfyou

    How the crap do I fix fonts. They are almost totally unreadable.

    • wirelesscord

      How the crap do I read the comments below where the solution has been mentioned 100 times.

  • Jason

    Come on Google seriously? The fonts still suck compared with IE and I don’t like using IE. Why can’t you get this fixed? All my websites look horrible when using the Chrome browser. How about pulling off your driverless car and glass projects and devote more effort into your bread and butter?

  • It also arrived with with worse font rendering, so there’s that.

  • Windows Registry editing fixed the font thickness issue for me completely,
    we can tune the font thickness/darkness by calibrating FONTSMOOTHINGGAMMA value to
    between 150 and 190 hexadecimal( 336 to 400 decimal )


    – search for FONTSMOOTHINGGAMMA by keying ” Ctrl F ”
    ( will automatically take us to CurrentUserControlPanelDesktop path)

    – double-click mouse on FONTSMOOTHINGGAMMA enter any
    thing between 150 and 190 hexadecimal.(the Lower the value, the thicker the fonts.)

    – close the REGEDIT tool

    – LOGOFF and then LOGON

    Now all the fonts are very thick & very dark in Chrome Browser.

    But we must make sure that ClearType smoothing is enabled in Windows
    ( controlPanel -> personalization -> appearance
    -> Effects -> ClearType smooth check (ticked box) )

    OR alternately in RegEdit …

    FONTSMOOTHINGORIENTATION=1 for LCD-screen, 0 for CRT-screen