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Google Chrome Drops Support for Ubuntu 10.04

Using Google Chrome on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS? Bad news: the big G has dropped support for you as of Chrome 26, which was released last week.

But the news isn’t sudden. Ubuntu 10.04 comes to its ‘end of life’ later next month, having been supported by Canonical, the company behind the Ubuntu operating system, for 3 years since its release in April 2010.

Google Chrome is a popular browser choice on Ubuntu partly because it is the only way Linux users can get updated, bug-fix releases of the Adobe Flash plugin.

Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution and the third most-used desktop operating system with over 22 million users across the world.

Chromium, the open-source base off of which Google Chrome is built, is likely to continue supporting Ubuntu 10.04 for a little while longer – but not indefinitely.


Google’s Alert to Chrome Users on 10.04

Google’s own internal Ubuntu-based operating system, nicknamed ‘Goobuntu’, is currently based on the 10.04 release. With the life of Ubuntu 10.04 coming to an end, it’s clear that Google either already have, or are in the process of, upgrading their employees to Ubuntu 12.04 – the most recent ‘Long Term Support’ release.

  • Built in updaters are the *worst* things.

    • ntcongit

      what ? Chrome for Linux (specially Ubuntu) use normal apt repo as the way to deliver update.

      • Chromium does that. Chrome does not.

        • Gerowen

          Yes it does, when you install the DEB it adds a repository to your sources list, at least it has on all of my Debian and Ubuntu machines.

        • Mr.Skullbeef

          Been using Chrome for over over a year on Ubuntu now, and it has always updated using an apt repo.

        • ignorant to the way DEBs work you are.

          • Dan

            suck a bkak

          • Sorry, I got it wrong. I thought that Chromium updated from the Ubuntu repos, and I thought that Chrome had its own updater (not apt-based and similar to Windows/Mac), but clearly I was wrong about Chrome. My bad!

      • That is especially one reason I like Chrome on Linux, and Linux is general. The apt system of updating is a centralized solution to delivering all updates to my system, without every app needing a built in updater like Windows.

  • Abhishek

    Any reference for 22 Million Ubuntu users. Just Curious.

    • Andrew Mezzi

      Wikipedia says Canonical estimates that there are over 20 million users.

    • Alone

      there maybe more than 22 million users or maybe less.

    • Canonical said. If you research it, they estimate the amount of users by the number of downloads/updates to Ubuntu they push out.

    • I counted yesterday, one by one, the total exact number is:

      24.547.231, plus the pope who saw the light…

      • Abhishek

        That’s how you took 1 month to reply. Nice Job!

        • Robert Trance

          Please, as we are not old friends, keep your attitude in your own home and for your mates, first of all!
          Secondly, not everyone is receiver of articles from this site to a reader service, mostly i read other news sites…..

          Third, there is no mandatory timeframe and limit for comments, nor could I care about!

          • Abhishek

            wasn’t you showing your attitude in your answer ” I counted yesterday, one by one…….”

            BTW I think there are more than 22 million people are using Ubuntu. But not sure as you are “its exactly 24.547.231+2 (who saw light) -/+ no. of people switched to/from other distros by now

          • Abhishek

            See in my last comment I didn’t took the issue with timeframe, even I don’t log in to this website everyday.

  • Ubuntu 10.04 was the first version of Ubuntu I ever tried, and it was awesome. I had it installed on my 2001 Apple iBook and it worked great for a while (no wifi though).

    • atarixle

      it didn’t run very well on mine (also 2001, but only 500 MHz) … mine now is running 10.4 … but OS X 10.4 :-)
      But as Chrome runs on Intel only (Mac and Linux), this is pretty much OT anyway

      • I’m running Xubuntu 12.04 on my Powerbook G4, works fine

  • Srđan Mikičić

    RIP In Peace Lucid :(

    • Maruel Zain

      Rest In Peace In Peace…? :P

  • bhaavan

    Happy April fools!

    • PhantomTurtle

      I’m pretty sure this isn’t an april fools joke.

    • This isn’t an April fools joke, though.

  • Hmm. Might have to switch to Chromium, then.

    • or simply a system upgrade….

      • kent

        12.04 from 10.04 isn’t an upgrade, it’s a miserable downgrade.

  • During a LUG meeting at Google New York, the head of their IT said that there were just settling in to Ubuntu 12.04. So I guess this decision came after they upgraded their last computers to Goobuntu 12.04.

  • kris

    I thing Ubuntu is not paid thing so people give effort to use updated thing. Their is nothing like for people “Hey, I am on XP”.

  • ruliezz

    Is this a bad 1 april jok?

  • James Cook

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but Ubuntu 10.04 is an LTS release which gets five years of support (not three).

    • James Cook

      Oops. Five years of support doesn’t begin until 12.04:

    • atarixle

      only the Server version of 10.04 LTS is supported for five years … but now it looks like, the Desktop version wont benefit from that fact :( my laptop was built for 10.04 (10.10 ran even better) and Ubuntu 10.xx was built for my laptop, but as the support is gone, I literary can throw away both

  • Yinon

    Firefox ^^ . Works better for me with Flash-Aid (Thanks to the devloper).

    Guide in hebrew:

    this is a link to download (after download, click on it, and take it over an open friefox window, then drop it there):

    you can use the pictures in the guide (:

  • not a bad news after all 10.04 was dead!

  • Well Copes

    Too bad.

  • atarixle

    “more information” leads to a website that tells, that 10.04 was still supported … lmao

  • haroldo

    Unfortunately for me I still hate 12.04. It is just not as functional as 10.04 and very slow. I have tried numerous versions of it. I guess I’ll switch, Vector,
    maybe BSD. sigh………….

  • I saw this coming. Google can’t possibly continue to support 10.04, especially after it has hit end of life.

  • MT-WebART

    apt-pinning people, it’s not hard, just pin the dependencies to upgrade and that’s it :)

    „ ‘Ubuntu’ is an ancient african word that means ‘I can’t configure Debian’ ”

    • Dobbs

      How to apt-pin to update Chrome?

  • pissed off

    what bs. You Linux weenie have nothing better to do than play with yourself.

    I need a computer for work. 3 years? are out of your fing minds?

  • matthew hardisky

    you can use another version of it called Chromium