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‘Second Screen’ Chromecast Feature Added to Play Movies Android App

chromecast second screen

Second screen info (image: google)

The Google Play Movies & TV app for Android has been updated with useful ‘second screen’ features for Chromecast users.

When casting select content from the app on your phone or tablet to your Chromecast you’ll be able to glance at additional movie information on your device while the film plays.

“Next time you’re burning to know where you’ve seen that actress before, or want to remember a song for later, you don’t have to hit pause or fumble with your controller. It’s at your fingertips—just like your popcorn.”

Info Cards

Info Cards icon in the Chrome App

As info cards are not available on all movies and TV shows sold in the store keep a look out for the ‘Info Cards’ emblem when buying or renting content if it’s something you’re wanting to experience.

If you use the Chrome App to browse/purchase movies you’ll find the icon (or lack of it as the case may be) listed underneath the movie poster/cover image.

Other Changes

The update, rolling out on the Play Store as of this week, also introduces some non-Cast changes, too. These include a UI makeover to adhere to Material Design and an updated “Watch Now” tab offering more recommendations, trailers, and suggestions.

Google Play Movies & TV is a free download for Android available from the Play Store. No word if/when the iOS version of the app will also add support for second-screen info, but we’ll let you know if/when it does.

Movies & TV App on Play Store

Will second screen info tempt you to cast from Play Movies & TV more often? Let us know.

  • Boothy

    One thing I’ve noticed with every Google App that has received a Material Design make-over is a much welcome performance boost.
    Every app now seems just that bit faster and responsive. Most welcome!

  • “you’ll be able to glance at additional movie information on your device while the film plays.”
    Or, I could just use IMDB. But, whatever.

    • Boothy

      No, you right. They should have just not bothered.
      In fact, why did they waste their time building Chrome? I mean IE was already available………..

      • No, they shouldn’t have bothered. They won’t have near as complete information as IMDB, and they could have just provided a link.

        Unlike Chrome, which was a million times better than IE even from the beginning, Google Play won’t be nearly as useful as IMDB.

        • Mike

          Except you’ve already got the info cards open if you want basic detail.

          Of course, for the fullest summary, you’d open up the full IMDB app or open a new tab.

          Nice to have the choice.

    • Merri Mogridge

      Doesn’t this highlight the actor/actress that’s currently speaking and also show the currently playing song? That sounds much more convenient than IMDb!

  • The Divine One

    Itd be nice if they add a Second Screen feature to the Chromecast app itself for Android…
    Be great… ESPECIALLY for businesses who use the Chromecasts to stream their slides etc on phone/tablet to TV…