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HP Chromebook 14 Unboxing Video

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If you’re interested in buying a HP Chromebook 14 you might want to give the following unboxing video a watch.

Reader Robby Payne snagged himself one of HP’s colourful new 14-inch Chromebooks at Walmart over the weekend. But whereas I would likely tear open the packaging in a fevered state, Robby opted to  film the unboxing of his, adding in his first impressions on the device, its build quality, and initial performance impressions.

Whether you’re planning to buy a HP 14 or not, it’s an interesting clip with some first-hand snatches of info.

  • Look great but…

  • Torben Harms

    Hope they will release it in Germany.

  • Thank me later…


    • shadowguy14

      lol can’t they just cut to the chase?!

  • Andrew Auld

    Going to be getting first chromebook in the next few weeks and can’t decide between this one, the Acer720 and the HPCB11. Like the funky colours but worried about screen on this one. In HP11, worried about under power of processing. On Acer worried it looks boring and no reviews yet about screen resolution and robustness of build. Anyone got any comparative comments yet? Only HP11 available in the UK at the moment so can’t buy yet anyway!

    • Curtis Mitchell

      The C720 has better specs and price but will be a tad noisier. There are some software issues with the ARM processors so the C720 won’t have to deal with that. The HP11 has a great screen and keyboard, is powered by microUSB which will be a strong pro for many.

      If you end up loving Chrome OS and heavily using it (ie as more than just a backup/secondary computer) you’ll want the extra RAM the C720 offers as 2GB just isn’t enough. My Samsung 3 is acceptable when I’m doing some stuff on my tablet as well, but when I’m trying to push everything on my computer it gets bogged down.

      • Andrew Auld

        Thanks Curtis. Any view on the HP14? I think it is between the 720 and the 14 now. perhaps the bigger screen size will swing it. Going to use it to watch movies as well as as a second PC..

        • Curtis Mitchell

          Right now it’s got a larger (and better?) screen but similar internals to the C720 and just costs more. The real-world battery life is reported to be quite high, some on the Google+ Chromebooks community have reported at least 8 hours. Personally, I’m holding out for the LTE model on the HP14 and the rumored backlit keyboard. The basic unit looks like a good choice if you’d rather have a larger laptop than 11.6”

          • inmotion

            LTE, backlit keyboard, and a Haswell processor on an HP14, if priced under four bills, I’m in.

      • dodo

        the hp Chromebook 14 that they offer at Walmart for $350 has the same exact specs as the c720, with 4gb of ram. the only difference is the screen and build quality

      • Bob_By

        Lol what issues are you speaking about? zRam helps out. 2gb of ram on a Series 3 goes pretty far.

    • LS650

      I compared an HP11 to the Samsung XE303, and thought they were pretty similar. A lot of reviews say the HP has the better screen, but I honestly didn’t see much difference. Ultimately I decided on the Samsung only because it had an SD slot and I liked the silver shell more.

  • shoryuken

    Awesome, no matter what.

  • JusticeL

    It looks amazing! I purchased a Samsung Chromebook for my daughter for school with the atom processor. She loves it. I helped her with numerous high school projects on it. I am thinking about getting her a HP14 since it has more power and giving the Samsung to my 9 year old daughter. This video definitely sold me.

  • Basku

    useless operating system without an internet connection.

    • Benjamin

      You obviously haven’t used a Chromebook before. I use it when I travel for work and have no problem doing my work when I’m not connected to an internet connection. Coding, Writing, Emails, Entertainment and more are all possible while not connected to the internet. The ChromeOS just requires a different perspective when approaching work.

      • JusticeL

        Benjamin you are so right. My daughters Chromebook stores all her school projects offline. Her kids movies she has stored in her Google drive are synced so she can look at them offline.

      • jaapz

        What do you use for coding on a chromebook?

    • Danny McVey

      So…don’t buy one.

    • LS650

      These days, I find so much of what I do is tied to the Internet so tightly that if I don’t have a connection, -every- OS is useless.

      Without an Internet connection, I can only watch videos, read books, work on docs offline, etc. The ability to do this with a Chromebook isn’t really any different than with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. etc.

  • charged

    How do I pick one of these up for the Google advertised price of $299? I don’t want to pay the extra $50 for the 4G plan. No luck on Amazon or Walmart unless I’m missing something…

    • Fuad Al-Qattan

      It’s really odd that they have them on walmart on amazon, even tho i saw a few reviews saying that it will be released in during the holidays.
      I just purchased mine from walmart for 350… I’m a little inpatient so ya :P

    • Danny McVey

      Try Best Buy. Their website shows HP 14’s in stock in-store.

      • Baseball11626

        Best buy doesn’t have it yet. They still have last years model at $299. Not this years model.

        • Danny McVey

          Sorry about that. I visited a store today that was carrying a 14″ HP Chromebook…except it was all black and had an awful textured touch pad.

          • charged

            Yeah, that’s the old HP “Pavilion” Chromebook 14. They’re naming system is confusing if you aren’t careful.

  • B_Rad814

    I’m slightly concerned about the hinge. The thing looks very unwieldy for the size of the screen and body.

  • Green2u

    I found the last one in Atlanta at a Walmart today after calling every local store.. Thanks for letting me know they got them early!

  • TheGoodChrome

    After watching this video i checked out They have them in stock for in store pickup. It doesnt seem to let you do site to store, but it shows you what stores closest to you have them in stock. I drove about 35 minutes to get one. I was able to get the white model and I am very pleased.

    It honestly looks and feels great. It has been running so smooth as well. I am very happy with the purchase i haven’t had any hang ups at all. If you are on the fence don’t be go get it, more especially if you can get this one with the 4GB of memory in it.

    • Taylor

      Lucky! I called like 5 Walmarts that had “limited stock”. And they all had none…

      • TheGoodChrome

        I would chance checking a store out. The walmart I went to did not have a floor model. I searched for an HP box in the locked cabinets where the laptops are. I saw an HP box with a T-Mobile 4G sticker so I knew it had to be the one. When they pulled the box out there it was. So, it’s possible they may have them, but the associates don’t know what to look for yet.

        As far as the screen goes it is actually very nice in my opinion. It is capable of getting very bright and over all the quality appears very good. After using it for a little while i’d also say the track pad is incredible i love it.

        • Taylor

          Yah the employees really have no idea. I say HP Chromebook 14 and they interrupt and say “O yah we have HP laptops, What do you want the 15.6?” I found a store that it can ship to so I might do that. Now I am just worried that I will have wished I waited for the LG Chromebook…

    • Taylor

      How is the screen? That is my biggest concern. Also is the design more HP or Google? I don’t really like the HP symbol on it but I guess I can live with it.

  • dourscot

    The colour is stated as ‘ocean turquiose’.

  • Andre G Heindrickson

    Is the 4gb RAM version only available with the 4g? I could only find the Wi-fi only in the 2gb version…

    • Taylor

      Yes I am almost certain. And good luck finding one. Haha I can’t.

    • LS650

      Apparently they can be bought online with newegg dot com.

  • student104

    a 16 gb hard drive is for ANDROID! i’ve even seen tablets with more space than this! google, stop using skimpy hard drive space to make people buy more google drive space!

    • Taylor

      It comes with 100 free gigs of Google Drive. Also the 16gb is not a hard drive but a solid state drive.

  • Chris from Paris

    Thank you. Great, I am going to buy one!
    With this machine, I can do 80% of my work, for a very low price!!!
    Did you know ? One variation of the HP Chromebook 14 will offer up the holy grail of Chromebook options: a backlit keyboard.

    • G-Ranger

      Backlit keyboard is coming??

  • Miguel Ripoll

    Where I can find the wallpaper that uses the HP Chromebook at the left on the “HP Chromebook 11 Vs Samsung Chromebook” banner?

  • LS650

    Nice machine, but I don’t like the Fisher Price colors.

    • BiffBoop

      ^^^ Microsoft fanboy.

  • November Reign

    This video was very informative and helpful. But, yeah, if they’re going to be offering a back lit keyboard, I will wait for that. I love the colors and it looks really nice.

  • Arif

    So is ther backlight cover on the hp 14in chrome book