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HP Chromebox Launches This June for $200, Core i7 Model $629

New mini-PC running Chrome OS proves that big things do often come in small packages

hp chromebox undersideDetailed specifications and retail pricing for the HP Chromebox have been revealed in a product specification sheet.

The HP Chromebox, announced earlier this year, will hit US retail this June. A UK release will follow a few months later.

Weight & Size

The tiny units weigh in at 1.39lbs, which is roughly the same weight as the ASUS Chromebox it’s competing against. Size-wise it is also a match for its erstwhile sibling, measuring a minute 5″ x 4.9″ rotund and a mere 1.5″ tall.

Pricing will start around the $200 mark. Again, this puts it bang on point against the ASUS offering. HP are producing the unit in a choice of four (ridiculously named) colours:

  • Smoke Silver
  • Ocean Turquoise
  • Snow White
  • Twinkle Black

Technical Specifications

The HP Chromebox will be made available in two distinct flavours. The $200 entry model is powered by a 1.4GHz Intel Celeron 2955U and 2GB DDR3L RAM. This will serve those looking for something that is capable yet also hugely affordable.

A vastly more powerful unit is based around an Intel Core i7-4600 clocked at 2.1GHz. This version is aimed at those with deep needs and even deeper pockets as the recommended retail price will be $629 (4GB RAM) and $649 (8GB RAM).

On the subject of RAM, both devices do seemingly allow user upgrades, though the Celeron box features a single SO-DIMM slot and the i7 model has two.

These differences aside everything else is standard. There’s the ubiquitous 16GB SSD for storage, ethernet port and card reader.  Built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi take care of connectivity, while four USB 3.0 ports are on hand for connecting all your devices.

Each box can power dual displays with a full-sized HDMI port and DisplayPort out.

HP is also selling a new ‘Integrated work centre’ (a ‘stand’ to you and I) that lets a 24″ monitor and Chromebox be securely bridged together.

Further details on availability are expected in the coming weeks.

  • Smallwheels

    Why would anybody spend $21 more for the HP unit over the ASUS Chromebox? They have the same specifications. The flat top of the ASUS means it is easier to stack things on it or stack it on other things.

    The Core i7 model is overpriced by a lot. For that much money it needs a CD/DVD drive, a larger drive, more ports, a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. When will more of these things have the newest specification for WiFi (ac)?

    • norcal1953

      Yeah, does upgrading to Core i7 really kick up the price THAT much? Heck, I’d rather get a MacBook Air 11.6″ vs. the HP at that price and enjoy the free screen and keyboard and touchpad…

      • Smallwheels

        The base model of the Mac Book Air at $899 blows away this i7 Chromebox by HP. Sure it is a $270 difference but it would be like buying another HD monitor, keyboard, trackpad, and adding a Thunderbolt port, plus a 128 GB Solid State Drive.

        • mthiker52

          OMG! Chrome!

      • mthiker52

        this site is about Chrome OS and Chrome devices….

        • Smallwheels

          Chrome OS devices are products. They don’t exist alone in the universe. There are competitors out there. One of them is Apple. Apple makes quality devices that have high prices. What I was pointing out, and you seemed to misinterpret it, is that for the money one would get a better deal with a Mac Book Air than this device at this high price. Buying an HD screen, keyboard, track pad, a 128 GB SSD, and camera would cost a lot more than an additional $270.00.

          I like Chrome OS and intend to buy another computer soon that runs it. I already own an older Mac Book and don’t really want to buy another Apple product. If I wanted an expensive computer I certainly would get a better deal with something other than this expensive Chromebox.

    • mediumsizedrob

      Yup, it is way overpriced and unnecessary to begin with. You can get the MacBook Air or Mac Mini for a little bit more and run all Chrome apps through the browser if you really want to for some reason.

      Putting that chip in and making it that expensive is kind of defeating the purpose of Chrome-based machines in the first place. You can’t do anything with Chrome OS at this point that would come close to requiring an i7 anyways. Unless you’re going for a record of open tabs streaming video at once or something.

      • mthiker52

        chrome OS all the way baby.

  • norcal1953

    Chrome OS is certainly getting a lot more love than Ubuntu, in terms of devices ready to go. I admit we are not likely to see Ubuntu boxes hit top sales spots on Amazon, but it would certainly be nice to repurpose some of these new Chromebook/Chromebox devices to Ubuntu. I mean, Ubuntu is reasonably secure, and it DOES seem to have more flexibility in terms of use than Chrome OS. Does anyone know if Ubuntu is as quick, in Chrome browser, as a comparably hardware-spec’d Chrombook/box in the Chrome browser? I would hope they are comparable, since (shocker) Chrome is built on Linux….

    • mediumsizedrob

      I’m not 100% what you’re asking when you specify “in Chrome browser,” but it’s relatively easy to get Ubuntu running on a Chrome box, and it runs very well. It’s not as quick as Chrome OS, but it definitely doesn’t lag. It’s also easy to set up so you can switch back and forth between the OSs nearly instantly.

      • Brian Perry

        Google also has deeper pockets and infinitely better marketing than Ubuntu. Chromebook is very minimal. Ubuntu has all of its functionality and then some but just can’t seem to break the mold. Customer perception is everything and Ubuntu doesn’t have as much money to spend on building that perception of their brand. They could do the same if they really wanted to and figured out how to monetize better.

    • calden74

      The market doesn’t want it, Ubuntu is not perceived as easy to use, especially when compared to ChromeOS. There are still many companies though selling Linux computers on the cheap so there really is no need to re-purpose or re-badge these Chrome devices as Ubuntu.

    • Idea get! Google (or someone else) should build a lightweight Ubuntu flavour that works like Chrome OS but can also use standard Linux programs, that would be designed to run on Chrome OS devices.

    • Akshay Sharma

      Ubuntu is too sophisticated even though it is most easy to use linux distro while chrome os doesn’t requires users to understand linux and its feature. Afterall people care just about using there devices.

  • Smallwheels

    A Mac Mini base model comes with an i5 and a much bigger drive for $599. The only reason anybody would need an i7 over an i5 is for Hyperthreading. If you don’t run programs that are capable of fully using multiple cores via hyperthreading then an i7 isn’t any better than an i5. Apple sell an i7 with a 1 TB drive for $799. It has a lot more features than a Chromebox.

    • Not all i7s have hyperthreading. Sadly, I’m on one of those.

    • David Li

      Agreed; While I’m not a fan of Macs, an i7 is way overkill for chrome os. If this could run Windows or Ubuntu, then it would be a whole different story.

      • mediumsizedrob

        I don’t think there’s any reason to think it can’t run Ubuntu, since the Asus box as well as all Chromebooks (that I know of) do as well.

    • view2share

      I am typing this on a Mini. I have 8GB of RAM, but sadly did not spring for the SSD. The 5400 spin HD is woefully slow. The $200 hp Chromebox I am sure will be faster. Why it is $20 more than the ASUS is a mystery — maybe they add a keyboard and mouse? And yep, I have no idea why anyone would need more than the Celeron processor on a Chrome OS. It is just running a browser and works fine with the Haswell Celerons. Oh well….

      • calden74

        It comes in different colors, better construction, unibody design, HP support vs. Asus, etc. Running ChromeOS on a Intel i chip is so much better then the Celeron, night and day. Everything is smooth, instantaneous, you really need to play with one to understand what I am talking about. I have a Samsung i5 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD ChromeBox and a Google Pixel that I got new in the box on eBay for 500 dollars, their an absolute pleasure to use and I personally will never own another Celeron Chrome device again, or at least not one that get’s a a CPU score that’s under 2,000 from

        • Jim Hesnan

          Help??? I am having trouble finding the Samsung Chromebox with the specs you listed above. I have been using Chromebooks since their start and for what I do luv the entire platform. I would like a i5 or i7 with the specs you list..I do have lag and challenges when I have more than six or eight browsers open.. Thanks if you can guide me in right direction. I agree i7 is overkill but 8GB and a good ssd is the ticket.

      • pauladev

        I suspect I would need more than the 1.5 Celeron 1007, as if I could get my hands on one of these either here in Portugal or UK, my main use would be streaming UK TV channels to my main Smart TV. I currently use an i3 laptop and it struggles and breaks up often, even at 30mbps wifi speed. A mid range i5 with ac wireles, 32gb SSD and 8 mb RAM would be ideal if it came in under £300 (€380,USD 500). Cant get the Samsung mentioned below here yet either!

    • mthiker52

      chrome OS all the way baby. or did you not see the website address?

  • pmug

    Clearly, like the Pixel, the i7 Chromebox will have a limited audience. The Celeron should sell well if it comes in under $200, as it should. I wonder if the mouse and keyboard will be included. The Asus does not.

  • calden74

    Chrome OS has been available in a 64BIT version for a while now but you do not need a 64BIT OS to support more than 4GB, a 32BIT OS can support up to 64GB through PAE (Physical Address Extension).

  • Tom King

    Sure would be nice if Google licensed Chromecast to OEMs to build into Chrome OS computers to offer as a premium desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • mthiker52

    hmmm, ASUS has Celeron model for $179, and a Intel I3 model for $399. HP has Celeron model for $200 and the Intel I7 model for $699. Seems to me the sweet spot is the ASUS I3 model?

    • James Welbes

      HP also has a $179 model, and their i7 is $629, and $659.

      I would agree tho, Asus seems to have the sweet spot. i7 I think is waaay overkill

  • mthiker52

    Ubuntu types…go away…..get a life….get your own site to whine about Ubuntu brutus

  • eb

    Why bother make a i7 Chromebox for $629? Overkill reasons I guess.

  • Purnendu

    can anybody tell me, where do i buy chromebox in india at Delhi?

    • Aaditya Bhargava

      it is not launched in india. But very soon Asus is going to launch their chromebox in india

  • Diego Garcia

    Something like this with XBMCbuntu might be my multimedia solution/TV replacement in a few months when I move out by myself. This is just too sweet. I’d like the i3 version, but not for $400.