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Everything You Need to Know about Chromebox Keyboards

Whether you're thinking of buying a Chromebox or happen to already have one, could your choice of keyboard make a difference to the way you use it?

22 September 2014

HP’s New Chromebox Monitor Bundle Costs Less than the LG Chromebase

HP has quietly launched a new bundle deal for its Celeron-based Chromebox PC in the US, one that undercuts the LG Chromebase all-in-one PC.

25 July 2014

HP Chromebox Keyboard Bundle, Blue Version Go On Sale

HP Chromebox bundle that pairs an entry-level Chrome OS PC with a custom branded keyboard and mouse, as well as a new teal-blue variant, have gone on sale.

6 July 2014

2nd Gen HP Chromebook 11 Hits US Stores Priced at $279

The 2nd Gen HP Chromebook 11 has gone sale in the USA with a recommended retail price of $279.99 — making it more expensive than the Samsung Chromebook.

19 June 2014

HP Chromebox Could Sell for as Little as £215 in the UK

After quietly creeping on sale in the US earlier this month, the HP Chromebox now appears to be readying its arrival in the UK.

19 June 2014

HP Chromebox Arrives in the US Priced at $179

HP's diminutive desktop Chrome OS PC has launched in the US with a starting price of $179, pitching it squarely against the ASUS Chromebox.

10 June 2014

HP Chromebox Launches This June for $200, Core i7 Model $629

Detailed specifications and pricing for the HP Chromebox have been revealed, with a $200 Celeron entry model and $600 premium version launching this June.

19 May 2014
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HP Chromebox Available to Buy This Spring

HP has unveiled its first Chromebox aimed at both business and home users.

6 February 2014