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HP Chromebox Available to Buy This Spring

hp chromeboxesFollowing the lead of ASUS, HP is the latest company to announce plans for a Chrome OS desktop PC.

The HP Chromebox is due for release ‘later this spring’ in the US and mid-2014 in the UK and will, like its rival, be made available in a range of configurations, likely to be Haswell Celeron-based. HP say that at least one version will feature a powerful 4th generation Intel Core i7 processor.

Three USB 3.0 ports, HDMI and DisplayPort adapters, and a VESA wall mount will feature as standard across the range.

In a nod to their Chromebook line-up, four different coloured designs will be available, all with obligatory cringe-worthy names: Smoke Silver, Ocean Turquoise, Snow White and Twinkle Black.

HP say that the all-new devices will suit home and business users alike.

But for all the glint and hype there sits an elephant in the room, one that ASUS and HP will both be acutely aware of: Chromeboxes have failed before. Whether this new breed of diminutive designs can ignite the same enthusiasm as Chromebooks remains to be seen. But, if priced right, these second wave of PCs find a niche.

For now there are no further details on the boxes. HP say we will hear more, including the all important prices, in due course.

  • Nice! Looks like 2014 will be the year of Chromeboxs…

  • MrMiketheripper

    Still not sold on Chromeboxes seeing as how my primary desktop is a Windows/Ubuntu based PC. But they definitely do seem interesting; wonder how they’d perform as a HTPC

  • miri

    Has anyone tried a Chromebox with a touch screen monitor? I really don’t need one but they do look nice and would be a nice complement to my HP monitor. My Chromebook works marvelously for basic gestures, but I can’t “click” on anything.

  • na7noo7

    I moved my head from ASUS to HP. Keep me up with it!

    • na7noo7

      Oh and im hooking this up to a chromebase.

      • na7noo7

        LG Chromebase.

  • Harrison Pace

    Crubuntu or Crouton + XMBC or Plex – Sounds pretty Decent :)

  • Basem

    I own a Samsung Chromebox (2012) and have not been disappointed with it. Recently the fan seems to kick in more and it gets annoying but as I am a heavy user, it is already showing (performance also seems to have slowed down recently). It was pricey when released but that is Samsung for you (it was £280). I don’t see myself purchasing any of the new Chromeboxes, as the one I have still gives adequate performance & has 4GB. I can see the ASUS Chromebox being fanless as a big plus and it is also well priced. I think the i3 should sell around £200, which is a good price.

    • Sebastiaan Franken

      It’s rumoured this model will cost around the 200 dollar mark so that wouldn’t be too bad (for an i7!)

      • Prowler_Digital

        $200 for an i7 isn’t happening. “One model will have an i7” so your top tier HP Chromebox won’t have that $200 pricepoint.

        • cee

          The price $999, the i7 is more,

  • Nifty. I definitely don’t need a Chromebox, though I’d like to figure out a reason to have one. I’ve got the Mac Mini for heavy lifting, and the Apple TV for entertainment, and my HP 11 Chromebook is my everyday and mobile work device.

    That said, it’s clear that some of the things I need the Mac Mini for will have adequate web-based counterparts in the near future. Chrome OS is impressive.

  • Wesley Files

    For regular consumers, I can’t see Chromeboxes being all too popular even at low prices.

    They definitely have a chance at being big with schools, though.

  • greg

    If the mid range unit is reasonably priced at $249, I will get one. I already use a samsung chromebook as my “desktop” attached to a large monitor with mouse and keyboard. Tablets ( I have two android nexus units) have replaced the need to haul around a “notebook” when traveling anymore.

    • Marshall Staxx

      “Tablets… have replaced the need to haul around a “notebook” when traveling anymore.”


      I too have a Samsung Chromebook. I love it, but I use it mostly as a stationary device, or when I know I’m going to have a desk, table, or countertop readily available. When I’m mobile I most often use my iPad. Initially a tablet skeptic, I now find them easier to use on my lap than a “laptop” is.

  • Zactu

    Definitely interested in one of these. See what the specs are going to be. Upgradable ram and memory will be nice.

  • Lance Muzie

    Chromeboxes have one thing that I definitely want.. support for dual monitors! Also, I’m curious to see what kind of peripherals become available from Asus, and HP regarding keyboard, mouse, and possibly a 1080p camera/mic combo…

  • Mike

    i love my chromebook HP 14 but i can not see the chromebox as replacing my pc because of apps . now if chrome os would let us use android apps i could seriously think about it . mostly for games and the few things chrome os just still cant do.

  • Joseph Dickson

    I’d slap this behind a TV