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LG Chromebase Appears on Amazon UK Priced at £279.99

The LG Chromebase in also available in Black

The LG Chromebase in also available in Black

The LG Chromebase is now available to pre-order in the UK. 

Amazon lists the recommended retail price of the all-in-one Chrome OS PC as £279. It has an estimated dispatch time of 1-3 months.

Two versions are on offer: a white version is currently listed at £269 while a black model can be bagged for a smidgen less at £268.

Compared to the US, where the computer retails for $349, this works out as a rough mark up of £70/$120.

But even at £279 the device is still competitively priced. Rival all-in-one computers at this price point are hard to find, though the 21.5-inch Android-powered HP Slate can be nabbed for £249. 

Arguably a device that could be well suited for running Chrome OS itself, the HP Slate features a quad-core Nvidia Tegra 4 processor, 1GB RAM and a 21.5-inch full HD touchscreen IPS display.  If there’s a drawback to be had it’s that it is lumbered with a shockingly small 8GB SSD — of which just 5GB is free for users.

The LG Chromebase is also based around a 21.5-inch IPS display, albeit one without touch functionality, at a matching resolution of 1920×1080, and is powered by an Intel Celeron 2955U paired with 2GB RAM and a 16GB SSD.

LG Chromebase (Black) on Amazon UK  LG Chromebase (White) on Amazon UK


  • whizzer0

    The prices in this article are very confusing. One moment it’s £279, then £268, then back to £279, then £70??

    • RRP = £279
      Currently listed at £268/£269 on Amazon UK

      “Compared to the US, where the computer retails for $349, this works out as mark up of £70/$120.” – i.e. it’s £70 more expensive than the equivalent price in the US.

      • Ken-Ree Choong

        Hmmm… £70 more than in the US!!! Thats a lot of money.
        Im kind of new to ChromeBooks/Chrome OS [even though i have Chromium OS installed in the Ubuntu thingy… can u turn one into a TV??? as i guess IPS is quite good… Is it possible. Sorry for using too many ‘…’s in my vocabulary.

        • calden74

          There are many sites that offer fee TV. In Switzerland I use an app called Zattoo. It offers the entire spectrum of cable channels in HD for free, recording capabilities, channel guide, they make their money from the premium options that are available. It’s an absolutely fantastic app that is available for ChromeOS, Android, Windows, OSX and iOS. I’m sure their are similar apps available for the U.S. I no longer have cable, just a Samsung ChromeBox with an i5, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage as my media box. You don’t need that power I’m just a freak, the Asus ChromeBox for 180 would work just fine.

      • Nige

        RRP = $349, but does that include their sales tax? Am never really sure with regards to US prices. At current exchange rates $349 = £206.16 and if you add UK 20% VAT the price increases to £247.39. And Amazon is currently pricing the black Chromebase @ £268.54. So we’re really only paying an extra £21.15 Vs our friends over the pond. Which compared to other Chromebooks is an absolute bargain!!! Is my understanding and maths correct, not sure. Hope someone can confirm? :)

        • Steve Eaton

          You are completely correct. UK prices include VAT (sales tax). In the US the amount of sales tax depends on both your residence state and the sellers physical location. Since January in North Carolina where I am, Amazon now collects the 7% sales tax on every sale. There are still plenty of sellers who legally don’t need to collect so stateside we still often get price you see. Before VAT this Chromebase is only £223 which is $377.50 pretty much parity with US.

          • Nige

            Many thanks for the clarification Steve; just pre-ordered a white version.

            To put it into perspective Amazon UK list the Acer C720P £274.94 and the Chromebase £268.54 (so £6.40 cheaper). Though Amazon in the US has the Chromebase listed $55/ £32.63 more expensive than the C720P. Puzzling ???

          • Steve Eaton

            Normally US/UK is dollar/pound. Albeit with the VAT included. The Chromebase looks like a bargain on your side of the pond compared to Chromebooks. Bluetooth keyboard/mouse would have been even sweeter deal!
            I wonder if profit on these devices matches Windows machines? – or are manufacturers trying to drive adoption by aggressive pricing? Chromebooks are not getting much retail promotion here – you have to hunt around for them in Best Buy and other retailers and the sales staff are not promoting them. I don’t know anyone else who has one, or even brave enough to try!

  • johncolescarr

    Amazon description says the keyboard and mouse is wireless, whereas the US spec is wired. Doesn’t really justify the £70, premium though. Is it really that much more to import to UK that to US?

    • anon

      The UK price includes sales tax (VAT) of 20%.

      The US price is listed without sales tax.

      The last time I imported electronics commercially there was also an import duty of around 15% but this may now be different. Of course home users self-importing may be able to avoid this additional tax if it’s under their allowance or they don’t tell customs about it.

  • spacey

    Yeah, we all know we get stitch up in this virtual country of ours. Nice looking bit of kit, a bit lacking in the specs dept. though, would consider it, but have no use for a static anymore.

  • Roland

    The white looks pretty sweet, pitty it’s a wired Keyboard & mouse. If I had a need for a static Computer I’d get one, but my Acer C720 and Chromecast or just the C720 & a HDMI cable make a sweet static Computer that can also travel.

  • dorisramsey

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