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Chrome’s New Look Downloads Page Enabled By Default

Chrome’s new look downloads page is now enabled by default on the Chrome Canary channel for Windows, Mac and Linux.

The new design, which we previewed a few weeks back, has been available to ‘try’ by way of a flag in dev builds for several weeks.

material design downloads page

New look downloads page in Chrome Canary

Since that initial once-over of the page the Downloads page design has undergone a few very subtle changes. And I do mean subtle, like making the ‘x’ icon in the upper-right hand of each card a slightly lighter shade of grey!

Support for download toasts in the Chrome Notification Centre is not enabled (a separate flag to toggle it on is available).

Remade in Google’s Material Design language, the revamped Downloads page gives a core part of the Chrome browser a much-needed makeover. It’s accessible through the Chrome menu, the Ctrl+J shortcut combo and the download shelf ‘Show All’ button.

No word on when those using Developer, Beta or Stable builds can expect to be greeted by it, but as it’s now the default on Canary it should begin the process of filtering down.

Another minor change for fans of Material Design to note: the latest builds bring our first look of the material design Canary logo:


  • I don’t know how well this would be approved, but I think there should be a download manager API so that things like torrent support can be added to the Downloads page. This way, multiple “download” protocols can integrate with Chrome

    …although, this decision is likely to not become a reality, as it could facilitate illegal media consumption in the eyes of corporate America.


    • rstat1

      idk…opera didn’t seem to have much issue with adding a torrent client to their browser back before it became a chrome shell.

  • Berkay

    Why does the canary logo look so blurry now?

    • Logan Combs

      Because it just got turned into its material icon (that i think looks better in my opinion)

      • Berkay

        It does, but on the taskbar in Windows 10 it looks a bit jaggy, probably a rendering issue.

  • ChromeDude

    Wow. A burrito cat. Joey, perhaps you’d like to explain yourself.

  • Deckard_Cain

    I really prefer to see the downloads in a small list and not on an entire page. Much like Firefox does…

  • kritik

    canary channel does not exist for linux

    • Daviljoe193

      I can’t believe the writer missed that.

      • Doh! It’s a force of habit writing “…available for Windows, Mac and Linux” after anything related to a browser release.

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  • Denisson Padilha

    This new layout is very slow! Do you know if there is any news about it?

  • Mista J

    Any way to disable this …looks like the option was removed from Flags

  • barbara.hays

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