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Microsoft Release OneNote Clipper Extension for Google Chrome

Saving webpage screenshots made easier with new add-on for popular Office app

one note clipper for chrome

OneNote Clipper adds a button to your toolbar

Microsoft has released a new Chrome extension for OneNote, its digital notebook app, that aims to make saving snapshots of web content faster and easier than before.

The software, popular with students, is part of Microsoft Office and has dedicated desktop clients for Windows and Mac, mobile apps for Android and iOS and a feature-limited web version.

Using OneNote Clipper in Chrome

Like any note collation service worth its paper clips, OneNote lets you add and arrange an array of content, including handwritten and typed notes, doodles and images, snippets of audio, citations, and so on.

With the OneNote Clipper for Chrome you can send screenshots of webpages to the Quick Notes section of your default notebook with a single click — no need to fire up a desktop app or upload a file to the online service.

To clip something, just click on the OneNote button in the Chrome toolbar when on the page you want to save. The first time you do this you will be prompted to link the extension to your Microsoft account.

onenote clipper chrome

OneNote Bookmarklet Remade

If you’re an avid OneNoter then the functionality on offer here may not seem entirely new. Earlier this year Microsoft released a bookmarklet compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome that offered the same features.  After looking at usage stats Microsoft say:

“…We saw that a lot of you are using the OneNote Clipper in Chrome. We also heard many of you asking for a Chrome extension for the Clipper. Now the OneNote Clipper is available as a Chrome extension, adding an easy-to-access OneNote button to your Chrome browser that launches the Clipper.”

OneNote Clipper is a free extension for Google Chrome on Windows, Mac and Linux. Usage requires a Microsoft/Windows Live/Hotmail account.

OneNote Clipper on the Chrome Web Store

  • I actually quite like OneNote. I wish the web version had offline capabilities on my Chromebook, but I appreciate the interface is much clearer than Evernote across Android and web.

  • Cool! I might actually get around to using OneNote. Keep is currently my main noter.

  • Boothy

    Just seen the new android app!
    Much improved, especially on tablets. Kudos!!

    • miri

      What new Android app?

      • Boothy

        The OMG! Chrome one.

        • miri

          That is pretty nice *downloading now*, though you got my hopes up that the OneNote app was made decent :P

          • Boothy

            No, that’s still its large expanse of white…………..

  • Boncey

    Lol onenote.

  • Daniel

    OneNote’s clipper is useless. If you clip screenshots like OneNote does you have no control over your clipped article, text or whatever it is you’re clipping. Evernote comes with formatting which is the only way you truly have any use for clipping if you’re serious about your material. So until Microsoft can create a very simple web clipper that’s actually clips HTML and not pictures, I will never switch to OneNote. Evernote has flaws, but this is an area where Microsoft are so far behind it’s hilarious. I truly wish they will come to their senses though, Evernote needs competition so they can evolve, so does Microsoft. With Springpad out of the picture it’s important to take big steps, now more than ever. And OneNote has features that are really good, but the whole point of this kind of application is clipping, so I can’t understand why we are stuck with this screenshot clippings 2014. Please, explain.

    • Skid Roe

      I agree OneNote’s clipper should have more features, but you’re mistaken that the point of the application is clipping. OneNote is a working notebook, not a scrapbook.It does so much more than simply collecting things for you, and is intended to be used as an application in its own right – for planning, developing, outlining composing, etc. And it has one simple, killer feature that Evernote – for an inexplicable reason – does not: you can arbitrarily sort notes in any order you like, not just alphabetically or by date. This really makes it stand out for arranging and re-arranging documents. And by the way, there’s a third party chrome extension that allows clipping selected text,