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More Rumours of Android-Powered Laptops Surface

Another leading industry analyst has predicted that Google and other hardware vendors will launch Android powered laptops – so-called ‘Androidbook’s’ – later this year.

Mingchi Kuo of KGI Securities predicts that Google will launch an own-brand ‘Androidbook’ later this year once work on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie is complete. It’s this release of Android that, according to Kuo, ‘is targeted at [Notebooks]’.

But, if Kuo is proved correct, that won’t matter too much as Samsung, amongst other brand vendors, are aiming to release low-cost notebooks running Jellybean ‘in the coming 3-4 months’. 

Kuo is the latest in a line of industry folk to put weight behind the claims, joining Chinese Trade insider Digitimes, and Intel execs who, in April, confirmed that its new wave of sub-$200 Atom-powered notebooks will be Android-based.

With tacit confirmation that Chrome OS and Android won’t be merging anytime soon, one can’t help but wonder how the two lines of low-cost laptops would sit against one another.

Work on moulding Chrome OS into a more versatile device continues (most recently with the introduction of packaged apps).

  • i wont like an android powered netbook…
    as all the apps in the android ecosystem are touch-based…
    chrome is better suited for netbooks in that sense

    • Jon A.

      Theoretically, it could have a touch screen, though that would point to a pricier device *cough* Pixel *cough*. In any event, it seems odd that in the wake of this news, the Chrome OS and Android teams aren’t looking at a merger.

      • Fallon

        I don’t think that a merge would work.

        If android apps could be run in a bluestacks kind of way, but with 99% compatibility, and ChromeOS to have access to google play apps, that’d be cool, but would defeat the point of chrome OS.

        ChromeOS stores everything on the net, android is for phones and therefore cannot rely on network access (3g/4g too slow/unreliable/exspensive, for the present time)

        Maybe one day a scalable UI could be made for all of google’s stuff (glass/chromeOS/android), much like what Unity tried to do. That would create some consistency…

    • Brian Bentsen

      It’s not that touching a screen and touching a touchpad representing the screen are world’s apart. I’ve used an Android port for desktops, with mouse and keyboard, and it was less weird than maneuvering Windows 8.

  • Yvan Philogène

    I assume that it will propose a desktop-like experience instead of what we can already do with a Transformer.

    What if Android gets a new interface similar to Chrome OS Aura: Desktop with widgets and live-wallpapers, multiple-windows management, app-launcher on the bottom left, settings and notifications on the bottom right…

  • Naum Rusomarov

    Chrome os and android aren’t very different technologically. With the right amount of boilerplate code :-) they can put the two together. In some perspectives android is already much better than chrome os.

    But, no matter what, this year is going to be very interesting with the introduction of android 5.0, Intel Haswell and atom silvermont.

    • conor rynne

      i believe ChromeOS uses a GNU/Linux backend whereas Android dropped the GNU software stack in favour of it’s own backend software. Thats quite a difference

  • I do have some apps that I would love to use on a desktop… or maybe some desktop programs and a window manager would be nice on my tablet…