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New Chromebooks From Acer, Lenovo Debut at CES 2016

acer cb3 131 promo image 2

The Acer 11 CB3-131

New Chromebooks from Lenovo and Acer are on the way.

Acer will launch an updated version of its cheap Chromebook 11-inch line.

The Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-131 sports a new ruggedised design coated in, quote, “nano-imprinted textured aluminium [to provide a] premium look and feel.”

It also has an IPS display, something almost unheard in competing sub-$200 Chromebooks.

As well as looking swanky the upgrade will allow the device to cope with the stresses of and knocks that come with education and business life. Acer say the lid can cope with downward pressure of 60 kgs, while the casing will emerge unscathed from tabletop plummets of 2 feet or less.

The industrious design doesn’t come with an industrious weight penalty. The device weighs a svelte 2.4 pounds, and stands barely 0.7 inches thick.


Acer’s new Chromebook 11 uses the same dual-core 2.16GHz Intel Celeron N2840 (Bay Trail) processor as last year’s model. It will, once again, be available in 2GB RAM/16GB SSD and 4GB/32GB SSD configurations.

Expect it to retail from $179 when it launches next month in the US, and from €329 — ! —in Europe.

Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook

Lenovo is also launching a brand new ThinkPad 13 Chromebook.

ThinkPads are much admired for their build quality (i.e., they can withstand a more hardy lifestyle than a regular budget laptop). In the Thinkpad 13 Chromebook you’ll a reinforced plastic shell and chassis frame, a quality ThinkPad keyboard and a large multitouch trackpad.

The Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook also offers a USB-C port for peripherals and charging, plus two USB 3.0 ports for legacy add-ons. A HDMI out and SD card slot round out the I/O offerings.

ThinkPad quality also extends behind the build.  Specifications wise things are beefy.  There’s choice of Intel Core i3 and i5 processor, and a less capable, but above par, Intel Celeron in the base model).

As much as 8GB of RAM and 32GB of solid state storage is on offer, too.

Although the base model includes a roomy 1080p TN display it may be worth adding the cash for the optional IPS panel.

Why? Future proofing.

Regardless of whether Google plan to keep Chrome OS as prominent on their roadmap as it is today, this device paired with a full Linux OS could make a killer combination.

Expect to pay from $399 when the notebook lands in the spring.

  • Welcome back, guys. And be welcomed new Chromebooks. :)

  • I’ll keep my fingers crossed for something like the Chromebook Flip, but with a higher screen resolution.

    • Check out Acer’s new MIL-SPEC C738T (T for “Tworkbook” I guess!

    • calden74

      1280 x 760 is fine, what I want is a flip with a Nvidia X1, 4GB, 32GB, LTE.

  • Basem Adi

    Welcome back Joey! The new Acer Chromebook seems to be targeted to schools; I can’t see this as an upgrade, other than slight weight decrease and a more robust build.

  • Andrew Emerson

    Still rocking my acer c720. Two years running strong as opening day.

    • evildrgnome

      it is a quality machine, especially if decide to remove chrome os and give it a full featured linux (currently rocking ubuntu 15.10 atm)

      • liamdools

        Mine’s battery’s basically worthless now and the touchpad barely works, lol

  • I’m actually expecting news primarily on the software side… Come on Google…

  • Welcome back… happy to see new posts.

  • view2share

    New Chromebase models will be cool!

  • Huang Harvey

    Can’t wait to see the new chromebook at CES.

  • Biky Alex

    Hi Joey. Hoped you’ve been well. Thanks for the news.

  • Khalid

    ‘Expect it to retail from $180 when it launches next month in the US, and from €329 in Europe’ That does not sound right (€329 is $350), unless we really are getting ripped off this side of the pond.

  • Marc Boekema

    Acer is also set to release the ‘Chromebase 24’. 1080p, 8gb ddr3l-ram, 802.11ac wireless, gigabit ethernet, built in microphones and webcam. Optional touchscreen. No prices or definitive (additional) specs yet, will differ per region.

  • powermatt

    The N2840 is a dual-core CPU, actually. The N29xx series were the quad core Bay Trail CPUs.

  • Mi Pen

    “while the casing will emerge unscathed from tabletop plummets of 2 feet or less.”
    Thats a short table, planning for drops from a 6 year olds desk?

  • Curtis Mitchell

    Man, Lenovo can keep the 8 GB of RAM, give me a 64 GB SSD!!!

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