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OneDrive Chromecast Support Added to Android App

chromecast on color

Chromecast – a versatile device

OneDrive for Android supports Chromecast streaming  as of its latest update. 

Microsoft had previously teased plans to support Chromecast streaming for files stored in its free cloud storage service.

With OneDrive (v3.2) for Android this feature is delivered.

You can fling compatible images, music and video files stored in OneDrive account to a nearby TV with just a couple of taps.

Using the feature is simple enough. When OneDrive detects a Chromecast device on the network it shows a Cast button in the toolbar. Clicking on this button prompts the user to select a target Cast device. Users can then proceed to tap on a file to open/preview it on their TV.

OneDrive joins Google Drive, Dropbox and Box as cloud storage supporting the technology.

Download OneDrive for Android

OneDrive for Android is a free applications and is available from the Google Play Store. Note that it requires a (free) Microsoft account to be use.

OneDrive on the Google Play Store

  • ChromeDude

    Microsoft has finally realised that one of the best ways to get consumers actively using their products is to accept that other companies’ products are actually good, and to tie in with them. I can imagine this service attracting a lot of new OneDrive users, just to have this functionality that even Google doesn’t universally offer.

    • James Bell

      Yep, Microsoft is playing Google’s game.

      • ChromeDude

        I have no problem with this – in fact, I’m a fan of it. If companies can overcome their (for want of a better phrase) typical feud and conquest for supremacy and learn to use each other’s strengths then we’re going to get a lot more done.

        • owain harris

          This is where Apple faults. They make some really great products and services, however they are exclusive and you need to buy into ‘everything Apple’ to have a good time. – But in saying that, that is the model they want, and the model that works for them.

          Microsoft needs to remember what made them successful, and that was producing platforms and software just about every consumer could obtain and use on their system / hardware of choice.

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  • Travis McEndree

    Now they just need Xbox Music.

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