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Playing With the New Chrome OS Camera App

Of the several new apps being primed for ChromeOS its the ‘Camera’ one that intrigued me the most.

Although it has been installed by default in the┬ádeveloper┬áchannel of Chrome OS it has only recently been made to ‘work’.

I decided to play with it to see what it can do…

  • Mikko Kumara

    What kind of an “App” is this? Does it run in the browser like the rest?

  • Me

    The pictures all come out backwards, like a mirror! There doesn’t seem to be any way to turn them around.

  • LukeThornley

    the camera has a weird filter on it that has heaps of dots onit i don’t know what’s happening im on chrome os 30

    • LukeThornley

      it’s completely screwed so much wrong with it