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2nd Gen Samsung ChromeBook Priced to Fail

A day after the interesting – if disappointingly priced – Samsung Chromebox “leaked” online the second generation of Samsung’s portable device has also followed suit.

Electronics store Newegg briefly listed, then removed, a product page for the 3G-enabled 2nd gen Chromebook.

But if the pricing of the Chromebox made you draw breath, you’ll want to reach for the oxygen before continuing…

ChromeBook. Take II.

The second generation of Samsung’s Chromebooks replace the under-powered Intel Atom processors present in the previous versions with a beefier dual-core Intel Celeron 867 clocked at 1.3Ghz.

RAM-wise the device has been bolstered from 2GB to a healthy 4GB, and the on-board speakers have been bumped up by half a watt each to 2W.

But elsewhere the changes are less exciting.

Edison is roughly the same size and weight as it’s predecessor, sports the same sized display at the same resolution, and offers up the same 16GB of SSD storage.

Of the ports present on the device are a duo of USB 2.0’s, a headphone/microphone jack, SD card reader, on the 3G model, a sim slot, and, sure to please some, the addition of an Ethernet port.

No mention is made of any external connectivity by way of a HDMI or VGA port (the latter of which was available on the Samsung Series 5 by way of a micro-adapter).

Sadly the battery sees itself downgraded to 4 cells.

Priced to Fail?

On to the price. How much will this Celeron powered creation set you back?

A whopping $549.99 for the 3G version – a $100 rise over the price of the original Samsung Series 5 Chromebook.

Samsung’s first generation Chromebook was met with tempered but positive press. Once many reviewers had spat out their gripes on web-centric operating systems they were optimistic about the future of ChromeOS devices.

All that was needed for them really to hit the big time, the majority said, was a bit more power underneath,  optimisations to the OS and, crucially, a cheaper price. This was the recipe list that reviewers felt would cook up success for the Chromebook line of laptops.

So what have Samsung done? They’ve served up an appetising meal cold.

For whilst the second generation fixes the flaws of the first – namely that it was underpowered for such the OS – it fails majorly on price.

Expecting people to fork out over $500 for a Chromebook is unrealistic. People coming to ChromeOS will be prepared to make sacrifices – but more money for less speed is unlikely to be one of them.

I can’t help but feel that Samsung have priced the Chromebook to fail.

What price would have you liked to have seen?

Via Liliputing 

  • Seems like Samsung is the bane of these Chromebooks. I could get a really nice Windows laptop for that price.
    I wish Google had more control over these things, maybe they should make their own line of Chromebooks like they used to.

    • “Like they used too”


      • Google used to send Chromebooks out for testing. They weren’t the models Samsung and the other manufacturers make either.

        • Oh, the CR48. Sorry, yes. And I do agree with you; they should make their own models.

    • SDD

      I hate to break this to you, but Google decides the price and spec. and both are aimed at the educational and business markets subscription sales. These demand high build quality, ruggedness, top battery life, and is TCO sensitive rather than sticker price sensitive as is the case for consumer devices. There is a lot of pent up demand from consumers, but Google seems to be trying hard to avoid selling to that market for now – maybe it doesn’t want to cannibalize Android tablet sales.

      The Chromebooks that are sold on Amazon are for early adopters and seem to be priced so that consumers will stay away.

  • Isaiah Heyer

    This is most pointless product I have ever seen. I can get a much more powerful laptop for the same price and just run the chrome browser on it.

    • The OS is really nice. I just wish the OEMs had the same vision as Google did :/

  • Facebook User

    How frustrating. The idea of Chromebooks is going to fail, and probably Chrome OS with it, because Google and their hardware partners are trying everything in their power to keep people from wanting one.

  • Motorola branded Chromebooks coming soon? Let’s hope so.

    • gigarath5

      After all the money Google spent on Motorola I don’t see why not.

  • ChromeOs is pretty nice but for me 500$ is too much: on the other hand, is to be considered that samsung can’t product this very awesome pc without a return.

    It is a pity, but google have to know that android is succesfull because this is a great competitor for a iPhone smartphones, you can do with Android all that you want with iOs, but it’s not the same with Chrome Os Vs. MacOs/Windows.

  • Eric Nicholls

    I would rather purchase the Acer S3 which is more powerfull and almost the same price. I would install Ubuntu on It :) @omgubuntu

    • Jon Arnett

      Congratulations! You, my friend, just won

  • I see they learned nothing from the failure of Oracle’s “Network Computer.”

  • S_Deemer

    I have one of the original Cr-48 test mules, and while the specs of the new models are about right (except for the battery, unless they have pulled some efficiency black magic), but I agree that if this is the pricing, a quick, rather than a slow death can be predicted. On the other hand, if Acer and Sony come out with competing 2nd gen chromebooks, perhaps they can help drive the price down.

    • gigarath5

      While I do hope that this is the case, I seriously doubt that anything involving Sony will be cheap.

  • ¡Genial! Es increíble ver algo así y más con el precio moderado.

  • Mashew Cashew

    I’d spend a good £400 on the new Chromebook, probably a bit more. I paid £300 for the first one.

    They might not be worth that much to some people, but to me its worth every penny. The amount of new functionality in ChromeOS can justify the price tag for me.

    I’ll be buying the Chromebox too.

    • gigarath5

      At this point in time it’s just more realistic to get a cheap Netbook and install Chromium OS on it. When Chromebooks do happen to come down in price then I’m sure I’ll get one.

  • 500 bucks is too much, max 399 dolls! 299$ is ideal ;-)

  • Mike

    If you compare other web books, its is not cheap, but it compares. It is cheaper than the MacAir, and most of the so called web books that are heavier, smaller and use clunky Windows.

  • bk

    why does it look like my macbook pro?

  • Chromebook Owner

    I am a huge fan of my series 5. Chrome OS can be snappy and simple for mundane tasks. While I do not use it often the 3g can be very useful for me(two years 100mb free?? Ill take it!). Many of the OS shortcomings can be fixed by dual booting ubuntu on it. I do however realize this is not a process many are capable of undertaking.

    For me the price point was the selling factor. Because of the low appreciation of the chromebooks I was able to scoop mine brand new off Ebay for $230. The hardware at that price with the free data plan was a steal in my opinion.

    The most disappointing thing I see with the new model is the battery. That was the second selling factor for me on the series 5. Why on earth they would downgrade that, while making a machine that also consumes more power, is beyond me..

    If you are a smart buyer watch the sales of this machine closely. If it is anywhere as under received as its predecessor then you may be surprised how cheap you can actually find it!

    ~~ Currently living off my Series 5 and nothing else. Not even a smart phone at this point -_- ~~

  • For shame…

  • no more than 299 $ and with unlocket bootloader.

  • I think this is definitely priced to fail. The first version was a descent buy and I was looking forward to this announcement as I was thinking about getting one. At this price though – it’s bound to fail, especially when you can buy many 11″ laptops of a similar spec (less the SSD) for around £300-350. a 16GB SSD is less than £40 now. This, coupled with Hexxeh’s Chromium builds mean that you can have a ‘Chromebook’ for a fraction of the Samsung price.

    It’s such a shame.

  • F*uck yeah, I want one! Cannot get enough of those google gadgets, typing from my new SGN3 as we speak.

  • the first thing i would do is wipe it or install a diff hard drive. i wouldn’t want google watching me.