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NOW TV Adds Chromecast Support to Android, iOS Apps

now tv logoSky has brought Chromecast support to the NOW TV Android and iOS applications.

The updated apps, which are live on Google Play and the Apple App Store, allow paying subscribers of the internet TV service to view TV shows, movies and sports matches on a Cast-enabled big screen. No more need to huddle around a tablet or laptop.

NOW TV is available online and on mobile, as well as through a £10 set-top box. Passes for Entertainment, Movies and Sports packages start from £4.99 a month. TV show boxsets and movie rentals are also available to buy on demand.

Initial feedback on the performance is, so far, largely positive, with reviewers of the Android app reporting that it ‘works great’.

If there’s a criticism to be found it’s the decision to make Chromecast take up two slots — one for the device being cast from, and one for the Chromecast itself.  Since the service lets you register 4 devices but only watch on 2 at the same time, this could prove problematic for heavy users.

Get NOW TV Apps

You can grab the Cast-enabled NOW TV apps for free (remember they require a paid account to work) on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

NOW TV App on Google Play Store  Now TV iOS App on App Store

  • kduke1

    That’s good more services are getting supported to Chromecast. I might need one in the future, impressive how far chromecast got since initial release.

    Completely irrelevant, but there should be an OMG! Google. Articles on Android, Google, Chrome, etc. would be quite interesting,

  • pipedreambomb

    The main problem I have is, Now TV doesn’t support Chrome OS (OMG, Chrome!). Not even to send videos to the Chromecast, though perhaps that’s a technical limitation.

    I’m giving Mum my Chromcast as between my smart tv and PS4, it’s now pretty redundant. But she only has a Chromebook, no Android or iOS devices.