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Sunrise Calendar Chrome App Syncs With Google, Works Offline

Thanks to offline Google Calendar support this app is a must-have

sunrise calendar app banner

After impressing on the iPhone and iPad, stylish calendar app Sunrise is now available on the desktop through Google Chrome.

The gorgeous calendaring tool, which supports both Google Calendar and iCloud account backends, features a light and spacious design, innovate social integration and a host of little flourishes to help you get organised.


The application, which only launched on iPad back in January, is described as a ‘smart calendar’ as it is able to pull down information from social networks and select web services to populate ‘events’ created with additional information, including:

  • Twitter – See last tweet of person you’re meeting
  • FourSquare – Most recent check-in
  • Facebook – Birthdays and events
  • LinkedIn – Contact information

It also features automatic timezone detection, reminders, recurring events and is able to display both maps and directions and weather forecasts for locations.

I particularly appreciate the use of smart icons to make identifying specific types of ‘event’ easier at a glance:

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 18.06.01

From showing a Skype logo next to scheduled calls, coffee cup for a social event and a phone icon for a phone call — smart icons are a small addition that make a huge difference.

Calendars can be colour coded to help separate work and play, while two choices of view (month and week) and a search feature mean it’s easy to drill down on a specific timeframe or type of event.

Best of all, Sunrise supports Google Calendar sync both ways. This lowers the barrier to entry for those of us heavily invested into Google already.

Sunrise say an Android app is on the way and Exchange Calendar support, already supported in the iOS apps, will be added to the Chrome App in due course.


  • Flat, light design
  • Works offline
  • Google Calendar and iCloud sync
  • Can display contextual information from Facebook, et al.
  • Smart icons for events
  • Add location map
  • Supports multiple Google accounts


If you’re on the lookout for a stylish, cross-platform third-party calendar app that works on the desktop as well as mobile, then Sunrise is the perfect fit. Support for Google Calendar, plus its expansive support for social networking sites means you’ll never miss a birthday, lack essential contact details or have trouble finding your way to a meeting again.

And best of all it’s totally free.

Sunrise on the Chrome Web Store 

Summary: Sunrise shines brightly as an example of how powerful Chrome Apps can be — install it, you won't be sorry.
Best in class
  • KinLiHK

    I love this app.

  • I discovered this app in the chrome store about 2 weeks ago. It’s really nice, & I appreciate that it brings in more than just the default Google Calendar: It brings in all the shared calendars too.

    Two issues have kept me from using it regularly:
    1. Notifications seem to not work on Ubuntu Chrome stable.
    2. There is no option to let it run in the background. I would prefer this, along with an extension icon which allowed me quick access to my agenda.

    PS: the Foursquare integration is pretty cool. It doesn’t just show you the last check in, it puts all of your check-ins on your calendar at the exact time you checked in.

    • victorcoulon

      Hi Nathan,

      The notifications should work now.

  • “Facebook – Birthday’s and events” -_-
    Anyway, I will definitely have to check this out. I used Calendar on iOS a lot more than I do now with Google Calendar. Weird.

  • I love this app. I’m actually using my calendar a lot more because of it.

    Android app is currently available in beta:

    • Danny McVey

      The Android app is great, and the dev team has been really great about answering questions and getting bugs fixed asap.

  • Roland

    I keep trying it on iOS, but just don’t seem to get into it all that much due to the lack of being able to integrate with the Notification Centre Calendar, but going to give it a go on Chrome and iOS.

  • Danny McVey

    Took you a while, OMG.

  • Boothy

    It’s a nice app, supports multiple Google accounts (business and personal).
    Once the android app is available, and exchange support is added, I’ll migrate :)

  • Well, if Canonical Community Guy #2 likes it…

  • Seriously now?

    Looks ace. Certainly better than Google’s stock calendar app, which is rather terrible, regardless of platform. They need to do something with this. And in general, something needs to be done with Calendar apps. They are all stuck in this 90’s Outlook-esque enterprise state of mind. They are hardly useable, if at all.

    Keep redefined note-keeping, and I say it’s high time the same is done with calendars. Your move, Google — or, better yet, newish startup with a certain predescribed fate.

  • poorplayer

    It looks nice, but it lacks an agenda view, which I prefer, as well as the custom 4-week view that GCal has. I don’t need to see the past; prefer to focus on the upcoming. More view options, please.

  • view2share

    This one looks interesting. I am using Checker Plus for Google Calendar — nice one. Anyone else using that app with a comment ? Better or worse than Sunrise ?

  • Andi Smyth

    I use this app on my iPad and android phone,quick and easy to setup. Nice simple interface, Auto sync’s to all devices. As soon as they make a windows app ill be downloading that too for my windows 8 laptop.