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Dell Chromebook 11 Review: Fast, Stylish and Reliable

The last few months have seen a myriad of traditional PC makers joining the Chromebook market: ASUS, Lenovo and perhaps most unexpectedly of them all, Dell.

14 June 2014

ASUS Chromebook C300 Review, Unboxing Video

The first in-depth review of the ASUS Chromebook C300 has gone online, and its conclusion is largely positive.

27 May 2014

Sunrise Calendar Chrome App Syncs With Google, Works Offline

After impressing on the iPhone and iPad the stylish calendar app Sunrise is now available to use on the desktop through Google Chrome — and it's free!

19 May 2014

Instagram Desktop App ‘Pixsta’ Arrives On Chrome

Pixsta, a new Instagram Chrome App, offers users of the popular photo sharing service an almost unrivalled photo viewing experience on the desktop.

13 May 2014

Google Play Music All Access Review

Google Play have bolstered their music offering, directly competing with Spotify and Rdio, with a music streaming subscription service in addition to their music store and cloud locker. We take an in-depth look into All Access.

23 June 2013

Third-Party Dev Brings Google Keep to Google Chrome

Looking for a Google Keep extension for Google Chrome? You're in Luck...

15 April 2013

Stormcloud Weather Extension Comes to Chrome

Do I need an umbrella tomorrow? Sun-screen? Or even a snow sled?! Stormcloud is a handy weather extension for Google Chrome that can help you find out...

1 April 2013

Thinking of Buying A Nexus 10? Here’s A Real Life Review

Google's flagship tablet device was plagued by a myriad of problems at launch. But, now that the bug fixing 4.2.2 release of Android has gone out, has it got any better?

18 March 2013

Spruce-up your Photos with ‘PicMonkey’ for Chrome

For this week's extension review, I wanted to write about something that works great as a standalone product, as well as featuring great integration with Google Drive. I think I've found that perfect something...

24 September 2012

‘Currently’ Time and Weather – Chrome Extension Review

In this weeks review, I'll be taking a look at a simple and minimalistic time and weather extension that may be worth installing, if you'd rather not look outside the window for up-to-the-second weather (jokes, of course).

17 September 2012

Take a Fresh Look at the Past With ‘Better History’

Chrome has a great history viewer by default, but if you wanted something flashier with more tools to help you manage history, then you would have to go elsewhere. This is why I decided to peruse the Chrome Web Store for the perfect tool for the job...

10 September 2012

Become a Google Power-User with Black Menu

If you happen to be using Google's wide range of services for pretty much everything, then maybe you should think about installing the Black Menu extension. It's pretty neat-o...

27 August 2012