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Toshiba Website Lists New 13-inch Bay Trail Chromebook

new toshiba chromebook

Hello Tosh, Gotta Toshiba?

Toshiba appear to be readying an update to its 13-inch Chromebook, first launched back in January. 

A new entry on the official Australian website lists specifications for a refreshed model using an Intel N2830 processor @ 2.16GHz and supporting the faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi specification. 

The only Chromebook model currently available from the Japanese multinational uses a Haswell-class Intel Celeron 2955.

We’ve also heard from a well-placed reader that SKU listings for a similar device, albeit one listed with an Intel N2840 processor and available in black, have begun appearing on select third-party websites, and that, quote:

 “…these will be offered in 2GB and 4GB and have the Bay Trail N2840”


Bay Trail, Wi-Fi and possible color differences to one side, the Chromebook will also feature a 13.3-inch HD matte backlit display at the usual resolution (1366×768 pixels), 2GB of non-expandable memory, a 16GB SSD for storage and USB, HDMI and SD card reader ports.

The switch to Bay Trail bumps the battery life one can expect to get from the device from 9.5 hours (Haswell model) to 10.5 hours.

As of writing there’s no definite date on when — even if — this model will go on sale, nor how much we can expect it to cost. The official website lists it as unavailable. Based on the timeframe of previous leaks I’d wager that it’s probably closer to release than not.

Other Bay Trail Chromebooks available include the ASUS C200 and C300 and the new HP Chromebook 11 G3.

MyToshiba (Australia) Website Listing for Bay Trail Chromebook

  • LeDisquser

    I wish they have changed that motheryucker design.

    • Chris Elkendier

      I believe they just used a stock photo of the last device, the new one will look different I am sure.

      • Heimen Stoffels

        The only question is: how different? HP Chromebook different or beautiful different?

        • view2share

          Current Toshiba looks great! The USB ports are too close together. As for other improvements, and IPS screen would be nice, even if the battery life was shorter, and the cost higher. I think Toshiba could easily demand $349 for an IPS model — maybe more. When I bought, the average price was a tad over $270, with $300 as retail. But the screen is not so hot.

          • Alucard291

            the question is would anyone reasonably pay over 300 bux (assuming one lives in US) for a chromebook.

            I know I wouldn’t. (And I own the HP14)

          • Heimen Stoffels

            You can always boot Ubuntu or Bodhi, then you’ll have a more desktop like experience and then the price is not so bad.

          • Alucard291

            but you can do that with any of the x86 based chromebooks though. Again I know cos well I do it on my one :)

          • vacuumation

            Another improvement that’s much needed is the positions of the speakers, which sound excellent but are in places on the bottom of the laptop which nuzzles audio whenever the Chromebook is on your, well, lap.

        • Anonymoused

          Don’t understand this comment. The HP Chromebook IS beautiful-different.

          • Heimen Stoffels

            Yes, the old one. But the new one looks less IMHO and half the world seems to think the same. That’s why I made this joke.

          • Anonymoused

            Ahh, I did not know you were referring to the newer one. I agree 100%.

      • LeDisquser

        I can only hope you’re right. I wish they’d come up with something new and beautiful!

    • view2share

      Nothing wrong with the current look and the processor is faster than the new one. The screen is rather subpar however. The screens could change to better viewing angles and quality.

  • Qbancelli

    Wake me up when these manufacturers finally decide to put higher resolution screens in these devices.

    • Chris Elkendier

      The new Toshiba will have a variant that is 1080p, it will retail at $329. Also the Samsung 2 13″ inch is also 1080p, and the new Acer 13″ has a 1080p variant. So wake up!? haha

  • Serotheo

    Its really hard to understand the reason to use a Baytrail processor instead of a Haswell Celeron in a Chromebook when performance goes does for such a tiny improvement in batterylife. I don’t get it. The only reason I can see is for fanless heat dissipation and tablet use with the smaller heat envelopes. Unless they actually change the design then there’s nearly no point in the switch.

    • Chris Elkendier

      I can speak to that, intel actually only allowed one device per screen size to use the Haswell, so for instance, Acer had 11.6″, Dell locked down the 12″, HP had the 14″ and so on. It really limited who could use the Haswell and word was if you had it the first time it doesn’t necessarily mean you get it the second time. So a lot of companies had to use the sandy bridge. You will see a lot switching to that new fanless nVidia K1 with almost identical performance to the Haswell with better graphics and much better battery life.

  • jjcoolaus

    The Australian Toshiba site lists a price only $30 more than previous chromebooks. It may say $449 but all the other models list a price over 400 and that’s definitely not what they sell for.
    Heres the link:
    Click specifications and you will see this is the new model.

  • Mehmed

    The 330$ Version with the new Intel Broadwell 14nm Core M and i would buy it so much, i would even pay 399€ if they put 32 gigs instead of 16 gigs