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Touchscreen Acer Chromebook Outed by Amazon France


A touchscreen Chromebook from Acer has been listed on Amazon France.

Whether by accident or design, its appearance does confirm earlier speculation that a touchscreen version of the company’s C720 range of Chrome OS notebooks was on the way.

It is the first entry-level Chromebook to feature a touchscreen, with Google’s developer-orientated premium-grade Chromebook Pixel having the honour of being the first to feature touch capabilities.

Work on tailoring Chrome OS to work with touchscreen has been on-going for some time. Recent updates has seen support for a number of touch gestures, including a three-finger swipe down from the top bezel to open the application switcher, added.

Touchscreen & 32GB SSD

Two major differences from both the $199 C720-2848 (formally revealed earlier today) and fractionally more expensive C720 are listed:

  • 11.6″ Touchscreen
  • 32GB SSD

All other specifications match the 2GB model; the same Haswell CPU, selection of ports, estimated battery life and chassis all feature in this iteration.

Amazon France have the laptop priced at €299 (roughly $400/£250).

Outside of this listing we know little else about its availability. Hit the link below to view the device in more detail (and in French) lest Amazon pull it.

Acer Touchscreen Chromebook

  • kristo

    “Soon available”, it says. Let’s wait and see.

  • LS650

    Ah, probably just a mistake.

  • JayDubya

    I hate having fingerprints on my cell phone’s screen – let alone my computer’s. If someone touches my monitor I want to rip their fingers off and shove them up their rear end! WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO PLASTER FINGERPRINTS ALL OVER THEIR SCREEN?

    • JusticeL

      I feel the exact same way. I cannot understand the idea of a touchscreen laptop. If you need to touch the screen just purchase a tablet already. I really hate and I do mean hate when someone even attempts to touch my screen.