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3DView for Chrome Lets You View and Manipulate 3D Model Files

Whether amateur or professional, if you’re involved in a 3D modelling or simple CAD project you will often need to check in on and give feedback on the progress of project assets.

On a computer with professional-grade software like AutoCAD or Blender installed this poses no problem. But what if you’re out and about on your Chromebook? Or a receive a project file through Gmail when not at your main PC?

3DView for Chrome – Offline 3D Model Viewer

3DView for Chrome is an offline-enabled app that allows you to open, view, manipulate, and make minor edits to 3D model files. Formats supported are .stl, .dae (collada), .obj, .ply, .ctm, and .vtk.

It also has integrated support for loading, saving and sharing of files through Google Drive.

As well as letting you view projects, 3DView for Chrome also includes a handy compliment of tools for measuring distance, rotating, resizing and scaling, and exporting to the .obj and .stl file formats.

3dview for chrome with dalek .obj

While the application is a standout – offline support alone makes this a must-have for 3D designers – it’s not flawless. I had particular trouble trying to open .dae project files, and the app routinely froze or crashed when I tried manipulating anything saved in .obj. 

Download 3DView for Chrome

3DView is a free app and works on Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux and, of course, on Chromebooks.

Get 3DView on the Chrome Web Store

  • Imagine if this could be used in conjunction with the MakerBot 3D printers. That would be great.

    • Dragonbite

      I was just thinking that.

      Imagine being able to design and send to a maker bot from a chromebook from anywhere! You could be at a client’s or friend’s location, finalize the 3D and submit it to the printer to start making it and maybe it’ll be done by the time you get back to the office (or home)!

      • Google Cloud Print + This + MakerBot = Cloud 3D printing. Sounds genius to me.

  • Curtis Mitchell

    Are you using Chrome OS to construct a Dalek? Please remember Google’s motto, “Don’t be evil”

  • Kenny Strawn

    Seem to only be getting a white screen on my end… and filed a bug report about it.

    • Happening to me too. Do you happen to have a Samsung Series 3 or HP Chromebook 11 Chromebook?

      • Seems to be working now.

      • Kenny Strawn

        An Acer C720. So both of those options are incorrect…

  • Shark Bait

    One of the few reasons i have to switch to windows is for CAD, and i pains me to do so. Hopefully this will start to change things!

  • Efjay

    Making stuff like this is exactly what I do, I make things such as Dalek models. If there was a way to run proper offline Linux apps like Blender and GIMP, I’d switch to Chrome OS in an instant.

  • Kevin Messer


  • Brian

    Does no one know about 123d? It runs in the browser.

  • Dmitry Trofimov

    Dear All,
    The issues you mentioned have been fixed.
    Thanks everyone for reporting it.

    • Surya

      hi dmitry whats your email id? would you consider creating a similar app with some additonal features for us?

  • can i use this to 3d print?
    i have been looking for some programs to use with chrome os and a reprap pursa i2
    marlin/sprinter firmware. any sugestions?

  • babahabahooby

    that program is a lie. you have to import models to edit them and the editing is choppy as it is. instead of this bull Google should just allow blender to run on their systems