If you’re looking for a simple way to view detailed stats on your computer, take a gander at Cog — a new Chrome App that’s available on the desktop, Chrome OS and, notably, Android.

Cog is developed by Googler François Beaufort. It lists handy, pertinent info on the inner workings of your device in a minimalist and responsive layout. And while other apps of this type often look dull or boring, Cog presents stats in an engaging and stylish way.

Alongside animated graphs detailing current CPU and RAM usage, and headline information on operating system version, processor make and model, the app relays handy and helpful information on:

  • OS and Chrome version
  • CPU make, model, architecture and feature set
  • Live graph of CPU usage
  • Live graph of RAM usage
  • Display data (resolution, DPI)
  • Network adapter information and status
  • List of enabled Chrome plugins (desktop only)

Cross Platform Chrome App

François built his app using the Chrome Apps on Mobile toolchain, something we’ll all likely to hear and see a lot more of in the coming months. It hooks into a set of young chrome.system APIs to gather the data it need and lists it in a responsive frame that you can resize to view in either a one-column list or as a wider two column layout.

It also fits snugly into the Chrome OS desktop “side dock” area. 


Cog is a free open-source application available for Google Chrome on all platforms. Grab it from the Chrome Web Store and Google Play and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

Cog on the Chrome Web Store Cog on Google Play Store

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