Are Google be gearing up to release a line of Android-powered laptops? According to one research firm the answer is a yes.

The AC100 - The Original Android Laptop
The AC100 – The Original Android Laptop

Chinese-based industry blog Digitimes, citing their own research, have predicted that Google will begin releasing their own range of Android laptops later this year.

Yes, Android laptops. Not Chromebooks.

Now, like most of you reading this, I’d normally take such self-effacing claims with a pinch of a proverbial condiment. But this being Digitimes, who are, more often than not, ahead of the curve on product announcements thanks to their tight connections to the computer and electronics industries in Taiwan and China, I’m not dismissing it out of hand.

Indeed, Android-powered laptops wouldn’t be anything new. Toshiba’s AC100 was arguably the first high-profile ‘Droidbook’ device, and a quick search of eBay turns up many an Android-powered netbook.

But whether or not it happens the biggest questions is whether there’s even a market for them. Surely, as no-doubt many of you are screaming at the screen, an Android tablet with keyboard dock fulfils the same aim, but with more versatility?

An Android laptop would be sort of like stitching the back-end of a cow to the back-end of a camel – you don’t end up with something that can move in the right direction.

For now I’ll chalk this rumour up to wishful, scatter-gun speculation rather than informed hint.

If Droidbooks were real, would you be interested in buying one? Share your thoughts below… 

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