A new Chrome extension makes exploring Photospheres from your Google+ contacts a little bit easier.

Photosphere Viewer allows public Photospheres shared on Google+ to be viewed in the browser. Using Google’s Photosphere API, the add-on has zero permissions, and ‘doesn’t track anything in anyway’, according to the developer.

Using the extension is not the most elegant. Firstly it requires you to know/have the GMail address of the person whose Photospheres you wish to view. For people you know well this is fine, but for those you don’t? The other caveat is that it has to be the same e-mail address as they use for Google+. Welcome to the guessing game.

But once a correct e-mail has been entered things are simple. You hit the ‘Ok’ button to load up a list of that users public Photospheres, and simply click on the image you want to explore. It will open in the browser tab; no extra widgets or unnecessary loading – just immersive locations right in your Chrome browser.

In a rather awesome move the extension, which is open-source, was created and designed entirely on a Chromebook Pixel.

Photosphere Viewer for Chrome is a free extension and works with Google Chrome on Windows, Mac, Linux & Chrome OS.

Photosphere Viewer Extension for Google Chrome

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