Google has added another batch of Android apps to the Chrome Web Store, including two tools that make recording and sharing annotated sketches effortless.

Four new Android apps join the seven already available to Chrome OS users using the Android Runtime for Chrome (‘ARC’) plugin. These are productivity tools Clarisketch, which allows screenshots to be taken, annotated and narrated, and virtual whiteboard app Lensoo Create,  which also features similar ‘voice recording’ capabilities.

Lensoo Create running on Chrome OS
Lensoo Create running on Chrome OS

Web2Go is billed as an “innovative news app that lets you listen to your own choice of news websites and magazines”, while the (increasingly popular) educational messaging tool Remind offers teachers a safe and reliable way to talk to, remind and update pupils and parents without needing to know personal details.

Remind on Chrome OS
Remind running on Chrome OS

Install Android Apps for Chrome OS

Google is yet to formally “announce” any of these latest additions, something it has done with the previous sets, but they are already available to install on Chrome OS through the Chrome Web Store.

Clarisketch on Chrome Web Store

Web2Go on Chrome Web Store

Remind on Chrome Web Store

Lensoo Create on Chrome Web Store

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