With the festive season now pretty much upon us it’s time to start thinking about presents. 

No one likes wasting their money on duff gifts, or items that aren’t appreciated. If you’re scratching around in the sand for xmas present ideas for a Google Chrome fan that you know – or are – we’ve compiled a handy list of some top gift ideas.

Use this guide yourself, or pass it on to someone who might benefit from it. Don’t forget to add your own Chrome-related present suggestions in the comments.

Stocking Fillers

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Few people know that Google has their own online merch store. It sells all manner of Android, Google and Chrome branded goodies – from stickers and keyrings, to tote bags and t-shirts. You’ll even find some truly wacky stuff for sale like Android mascot bowling and Chrome-shaped USB thumb drive sets.

With such variety the store makes the perfect drop-in point for gift hunters this seasons. Gifts are available at all price points and, even better, shipping is available internationally!

Visit the Google Online Store

The Chromebook to Own: Acer C720P


Looking to splash the cash, huh? Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one the Chromebook to buy this xmas is undoubtedly the Acer C720P – if you’re in the US, that is.

Forget all those TV ads showcasing the svelte Samsung Chromebook and hypnotic hues of HPs latest 11inch offering, it’s Acer’s Haswell-powered, touch-enabled bargain that presents the best value for money. 


  • Intel Celeron 2955U @ 1.4 GHz Processor (Haswell, Dual core)
  • 11.6″ 10-point Touchscreen (1366 x 768 resolution)
  • Intel HD Graphics
  • 32GB SSD (+100GB Free Google Drive Storage)
  • 2GB RAM

Weighing in a 3lb, the device also sports Bluetooth 4.0; a pair of USB ports (incl. USB 3.0); HDMI out; SD Card reader and Multi-Gesture Touchpad. Speakers, HD webcam and headphone/microphone jack are also present for all your Hangout and video call needs.

The Acer C720P is scheduled to (but not guaranteed to) start shipping mid-December at the really tempting price of $299.

Preorder the Acer C720P on Amazon

The international release date for this Acer model is currently pegged at mid-January, so if you’re set on getting a Chromebook under the tree you might want to try and hunt down the Acer C720. It’s virtually identical to the model above, barring a touchscreen and coming with only half the SSD storage. It can be picked up in the UK for under £200.

Acer C720 at Currys/PCWorld

Samsung Chromebook Covers


To help prevent marks and other damage to the Samsung Chromebook (which any owner will attest scratches incredibly easily) there are a range of colourful enclosure cases available to buy, made by a company called mCover.

We featured their iPearl line of covers back in September and they proved incredibly popular with readers. Not only are they cheap but they are durable, too. A great buy, with prices starting from around $15/£15.

mCover iPearl Samsung Chromebook Cases on Amazon.com   mCover iPearl Samsung Chromebook Cases on Amazon.co.uk

Chromebook Sleeves

A cute laptop sleeve on Etsy.com
A cute laptop sleeve on Etsy.com

To help owners of other Chromebooks (or any other sort of laptop, come to that) cushion their devices from accidental scrapes and knocks you might want to look at laptop sleeves.

As these aren’t (generally) specific to any one device there’s a wide variety of designs, styles and sources out there. From the cutesy-crafty (see image, right) to the industrial, heavy-duty and waterproof.

Most 11″ cases, especially those sold as ‘for the Macbook Air’, will suit the smaller Chromebooks, like the Samsung and HP 11.

But if you’re shipping for an owner of HP’s larger 14″-ers you should double check the dimensions of the product against the case prior to buying. Google will help you out.



The Chromecast is a small, low-cost device that allows content to be streamed wirelessly – ‘cast’ – from tablets, phones, browsers and computers straight to compatible HDTVs.

Currently exclusive to the US, there are a number of big-name entertainment apps compatible with it including Netflix, Hulu Plus and HBO GO.

The Chromecast is available to buy from a number of retailers like Walmart, BestBuy and Amazon and costs $35 (though a number of places are offering it for just $30 over the holiday period).

With the device yet to see an international release, readers outside the states will find hunting one down a bit more tricky. eBay is a good bet, though be prepared to pay a premium and double check that the device is being sold by someone in your own country (lest you get stung by import taxes!).

New Charger for HP 11 Owners

We’ll end on a bit of a cheeky suggestion for anyone xmas shopping for an owner of the HP Chromebook 11. With sales of the colourful device halted because of its charger prone to overheat, the gift of a secure, reliable power plug might be very welcomed.

The HP 11 uses a regular micro-USB cable to charge (like the ones most modern smartphones use). These can be picked up fairly cheap, as can USB power socket adapters.

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