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Gumdrop Chromebook Case

Gumdrop Chromebook Cases Protect Devices Against 6ft Drops

Chromebooks and education go together like cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, cliched openings and Chrome-based blogs….  With popularity at at all time high in American schools  the concern over cracked and damaged devices is […]

25 September 2015

Logitech Accessories Now Work with Chromebooks

Your favourite Logitech Unifying computer accessory may now work with your Chromebook, thanks to the launch of a new app.

30 January 2015
chrome os keyboard image

Dell Launches $20 Chrome Keyboard in the US

Dell has started selling a wired, full-sized USB Chrome keyboard on its US store, and intends to make it available for purchase elsewhere in the coming weeks.

12 December 2014

How To Customize Your Chromebook In 3 Easy Ways

Is your Chromebook looking plain? Do you want it to stand out from the crowd? Would you like me to stop sounding like a cheesy informercial? If so — read on!

15 November 2014

Everything You Need to Know about Chromebox Keyboards

Whether you're thinking of buying a Chromebox or happen to already have one, could your choice of keyboard make a difference to the way you use it?

22 September 2014

5 Cheap and Stylish Chromebook Cases

On the hunt for a Chromebook case or sleeve? Chances are "stylish" isn't the first word topping your shopping list.

21 August 2014

HP’s New Chromebox Monitor Bundle Costs Less than the LG Chromebase

HP has quietly launched a new bundle deal for its Celeron-based Chromebox PC in the US, one that undercuts the LG Chromebase all-in-one PC.

25 July 2014
The mCover Chromebook Case

Cheap & Cheerful Acer C720 Chromebook Hard Shell Case

Looking to protect your shiny new Acer C720 Chromebook from accidental bumps and scrapes? These hard-shell cases from mCover offer to do just that.

15 February 2014

5 Must-Have Chromebook Travel Accessories

A few well chosen and inexpensive accessories can help you get the most out your Chromebook when you're out and about. Here are our top tips...

13 January 2014