Case Logic Welded SleeveOn the hunt for a Chromebook case or sleeve? Chances are “stylish” isn’t the first word topping your shopping list.

Considering how much pride we have in our gadgets, that’s rather surprising, no?

Fashion conscious Chromebook owners can easily find a sleeve that looks good, works well and doesn’t cost the earth. Amazon, Etsy, eBay and numerous other online outlets play home to a varying assortment of styles, shapes and designs.

Why Use A Sleeve At All?

You don’t have to be an extreme traveller to end up with a damaged device. My Samsung Chromebook (notorious for scuffing easily) looks a state despite never really venturing further than one end of my house to the other!

In the list below you’ll find five of the best laptop sleeves that I think marry up form and function perfectly. They’re far from being the only choices available, so feel free to share your own favourite finds in the comments section at the end.

Booq Viper Hardcase

41PUHocg8YLBooq is well known for its range of ruggedised, hardwearing cases. The ‘Viper Hardcase’ is no exception and features a water-resistant outer made in tough cross-weave ballistic nylon exterior.

Marketed for Apple’s various MacBook lines, the 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch versions will, in fact, fit most notebooks, including Chromebooks, fine.

The 11.6-inch version is $29.95 on Amazon US and £20 with free shipping on Amazon UK (at time of publishing) The 13.3-inch version is more expensive at $45.00 (as of writing) but worth looking into if protection is high on your list of needs. 

Booq 11″ Hardcase on

Official Google HP Chromebook 11 Case

hp sleeveThey say you can’t beat first-party cases for form or quality, so if you own the HP Chromebook 11 then the official sleeve from Google should be a must.

Of course, it should fit most other 11-inch devices, like the original Samsung Series 3 or the Acer C720 line, just as well.

Google describes the sleeve as “smart, durable and jostle free”. It comes in a range of color pairings, including  red and grey and white and red, and is made from a smooth jersey material.

The sleeve can bought from a number of online retailers, including Amazon in the US and Google Play Store in the UK, where it is weighed down by a hefty £35.99 price tag.

HP Chromebook 11 Sleeve on Google Play

Case Logic Welded Sleeve

‘Case Logic’ is a company synonymous with affordable computer cases. A quick browse on Amazon will reveal an array of designs, from basic fabric pockets costing a few dollars to more durable offerings, like the moulded EVA foam ‘Welded Laptop Sleeve’.

The ultra-slim sleeve is made from a water-resistant material, features heat welded seams and a nifty inner fold to help keep your notebook safe and snug when inside. A Nylex inner coating promises to provide ample protection against scratches, while the embossed pattern on the outside helps cushion against knocks and low-level drops.

The protective sleeve is available in 11-inch and 13-inch versions, so should fit most Chromebooks with ease. RRP is $49.99/£39.99 but US buyers can often find it on Amazon for as little as $8.

Case Logic Welded Sleeve on Amazon US Case Logic Welded Sleeve on Amazon UK

Handmade Herringbone

herringbone-chromebook-caseAfter something more couture? Your first port of call should be Etsy — home to all manner of handmade products, including many computer sleeves.

Since the bespoke artisan community don’t tend to work with ballistic-proof nylon or welded plastics you’ll want to look elsewhere. But when a splash of individuality matters…

Searching for “Chromebook” will throw up a wealth of results. If I had to highlight one it’d be this herringbone fabric sleeve from LinenMarket. The designer makes them to order in a range of styles and sizes, using natural materials like cotton, linen and string, topped off with a cute wooden button.

Herringbone Fabric Chromebook Sleeve on Etsy

Felt Fantastic


To finish on a fabric theme, but free of the handmade fee of bespoke creations, you can’t go wrong with felt laptops sleeves at the moment. Even the famed (and expensive) US ‘ACE Hotel’ uses tailored felt sleeves to protect its Chromebooks.

For as little as $10 you can grab a grey felt case of your own. As materials go felt isn’t the most durable (and you’ll never want to get it wet) but for a price:style ratio it can’t be beaten.

If you’re handy with a needle and thread you could always stitch in a Chrome logo to get a similar ‘concierge look’ to that of Ace Hotel!

Do you have a sleeve or case for your Chrome portable? Share your product tips with us in the comments below, or through our Google+ community.

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