icon512x512A new version of Google Chrome Beta for Android is now live on the Play Store, bumping the browser to version 41.0.2272.34.

It’s an incremental update that adds one notable new feature (see below), a refreshed ‘material design’ settings page, granular cookie control and a smattering of bug fixes and performance tweaks to help make things run smoother.

Chrome Finally Gets Pull To Refresh

Chrome 41 Beta for Android introduces pull to refresh on, quote, “most webpages”. I know what you’re thinking:“Chrome didn’t have that already?” .

Just open a site, pull down from near top of the page, and it will trigger a refresh — a gesture that saves the need to open the overflow menu and hit the ‘reload’ button.

Chrome Pull To Refresh in Action

This gesture, while small, helps give Chrome a consistency with other mobile apps. The top four apps of 2014, for example, all make heavy use of ‘pull to refresh’ for reloading and updating content.


Google Chrome Beta for Android is a free download available from the Play Store.

Chrome Beta for Android on Play Store

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