Chrome iOS icon before (top) and now (bottom)

Google has this evening pushed out an update to Chrome for iPhone and iPad, a release containing a modest number of improvements. 

Websites that feature support for Google Cast should now be able to work with your Chromecast (and Android TV should you be lucky enough to have one already). Google has yet to reveal details on specifically how the new mobile cast support feature works, but does suggest that developers will need to prep their sites with a little extra code to make it compatible.

The update also features the usual glut of miscellaneous stability and bug fixes, as well as a new flat application icon. Google’s own iOS applications have, until now, used icons with a visible bezel at the bottom. It is — or in the case of Chrome, was — a stylistic choice that served to tie Google’s suite of software together. But boy did/does it look out of place…

Chrome for iOS is a free download and is available from the Apple App Store.

Google Chrome for iOS on the App Store

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