chrome-android-shortcut-homescreenAs predictable as an outraged comment to a YouTube video and probably about as accurate: another month sees another set of mobile browser marketshare stats spewed forth by analytic services.

The latest tracking stats from Net Market Share shows a modest gain for Chrome (on Android and iOS) for the period of March 1 to March 31, 2014. It gained a 0.85% increase over its February footprint to rest at a respectable 12.94% of ‘worldwide usage’.

An improvement, and certainly stealing some share from the AOSP Android Browser, whose marketshare remains a healthy 23.44% (down 0.4% on last month).

Apple’s Safari browser remains the biggest mobile browser, commanding a whopping 53.91%.

The once dominant Opera Mini fell by more than 1% to a smudge over 3.5%; while Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, boosted by rocketing sales of Windows Phone devices, jumps from 1.7% to a respectable 2.31%.

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