A small, and expected change is rolling out in the latest Chrome OS Dev channel release: the new Google logo.

Revamped at the start of September, the new Google logo uses a new sans-serif font and a lighter, brighter color palette.

The rounded logo, which Google say is designed for “seamless computing across an endless number of devices”, Despite Chrome OS being a Google product the Google logo only appears in only a handful of places in the operating system, most noticeable on the local New Tab Page (which appears when offline;), the regular new tab page (which often sees the logo replaced by a ‘Google doodle’) and the Chrome App Launcher.

Other Changes In This Chrome OS Update

New (left) vs old process listings
New (left) vs old process listings

Naturally there’s more on offer besides a new logo, but most of the changes are the usual glut of bug fixes, security patches and performance tweak. Among them are two very small, but more notable additions.

Extension pages (pages that begin with ‘chrome-extension://’) can now be added/pinned to the app shelf for easy access. Not going to be all that useful to most, but a small bug that is neatly rectified.

If you regularly keep track of what’s Chrome processes are eating up your hardware resources you’ll appreciate the introduction of favicons for extensions, apps and sites in the Chrome task manager. 

Chrome OS Dev 46.0.2490.21 is rolling out to Chrome devices from today, but skips the first-gen Google Chromebook Pixel.

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