chrome video player design
The proposed new look video player

A redesigned video player is coming to Chrome OS.

The video utility is the latest of Chrome’s native system apps to be getting a ‘material design’ makeover, and follows redesigns of the file manager and application launcher.

A proposed design mock-up of the new video app was posted to the Chromium issue tracker.

While not yet final, the issue and mock-up reveal  that while although the look the of app will change the basic functionality won’t.

If you were hoping to see native subtitle support or more advanced options you’ll be best keeping an eye our for the VLC Android app arriving later this year.

New Video Player Icon

video player new icon
Proposed Video Player Icon

Naturally a new look video player icon will compliment the redesigned application.

As with other recent system apps, like the Chrome OS wallpaper picker, the new video app icon is circular, uses a simple white motif and a subtle drop shadow overlaid on a strong background color.

Other Chrome OS system apps due to undergo redesigns in the near future are the Chrome OS Gallery, image editor, audio player and System Settings panel.

A new-look login manager is already available for testing in the Chrome OS dev channel.

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