Ever wanted to cover a web page in colourful confetti and ticker tape? 

I’m guessing the urge just might have passed you, like the rest of us, by. But in a celebrated case of ‘just cos’, a new Chrome extension is available to do just that.

confetti tub
Real confetti requires clean up

Blasting a rainbow of color over your screen couldn’t be simpler. Once installed, you simply click the ‘Confetti’ party hat icon on the Chrome toolbar and wait for ticker tape to rain down from the top of the screen or blast up from the bottom from two off-screen ‘cannons’.

It is unlikely to revolutionise browsing as we know it but for times when a burst of confetti is called for (say, finally seeing Amazon list a new Chromebook model) it could come in handy.

And hey: it’ll save on the post-throw clean up! 

More Features Coming Soon

The developer of the extension tells me that he plans to furnish his fun-time plugin with additional features in the near future, including options to have confetti rain down at a given date or time or be triggered when visiting a certain website.

In the meantime, for manual confetti cannon needs, you can grab the add-on from the Chrome Web Store for free.

Confetti… What Else? On Chrome Web Store

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