While still early days for the Google Chromecast, with the bulk of third-party apps available for it being slideshow makers or local video streamers, games developers are beginning to take note.

A simple Tic-Tac-Toe game that lets two people with two devices using the same network connection play against each other on a big screen made it into our iOS rundown.

But on the Android side of the fence there is a more interesting and interactive game available.

Doodlecast – Pictionary for Chromecast

Doodlecast is a multiplayer Pictionary-esque drawing game for Android and Chromecast.

Doodlecast Guess
Doodlecast Guess

The gameplay sees one player pick a word from a predefined list, keeping it secret, then ‘drawing’ it out for other players to guess.

Unlike a traditional game where images are scrawled on scraps of paper, Doodlecast lets you use your tablet or smartphone to draw, with the image ‘cast’ to the TV in real time.

Your fellow players, with the app installed and connected to the same network as the Chromecast, can use their phones to guess what it is. Their suggestions also appear on the screen.

Minor Quibbles

The list of words available to ‘draw’ is varied, if a little simple. The app would find its value increase tenfold should it introduce common phrases (though I appreciate that would add to the complexity of input and matching).

‘Doodlecast stands out as one of the best games available on Chromecast.’

The colour palette is decent enough, as is the responsiveness of the brush when drawing. An eraser tool wouldn’t go amiss, nor a ‘fill bucket’, but none are essential for enjoyable play.

Finally, as a multiplayer game the only thing that is truly missing from the app is a scoring system. Being able to see each player’s individual score on screen would help ramp up the competitive factor. As is, the app favours turn-based play.

Wants aside, Doodlecast excels and stands out as one of the very best games available on Chromecast right now.

Get Doodlecast

Doodlecast is a free app for Android, but does require a Chromecast to play.

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