Listening to so-called ‘ambient noise’ can be a great way to force a racing mind to slow down, relax and refocus on what matters.

The Android and iOS app stores, not to mention a host of website, are chock full of applications offering to lull you into a mellow stupor using nature sounds and other white noise.

Now a similar app is available on Chrome.


Elmnts by Zaucetech is a simple background noise player for Chrome and Chrome OS and offers a set of high-quality sounds that can be played even if you’re offline.

The six included presets cover common ambient atmospheres, from the rhythmic sound of rain beating down to warming bird song in a forest. As someone who regularly works out of one, my personal favourite is undoubtedly ‘coffee shop’.

Using Elmnts is easy. Clicking on an emblem listed on the sound board will start to play it. A volume slider beneath it lets you choose a suitable noise level…and relax!

Multiple sounds can be layered on top of each either by toggling in the same way, and by adjusting the sound sliders you can build up some striking soundscapes.

Install Elmnts

While you don’t need to use this particular app to play ambient sounds in Chrome (websites like Coffitivity offer similar features) most alternatives either cost or require an active internet connection to work.

For the times you want to — or need to — disconnect and crack on with work, but don’t want to sit in total silence, Elmnts makes a fine companion.

Grab it now, for free, from the Chrome Web Store.

This application has since been removed from the Web Store.

Install Elmnts from Chrome Web Store

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