New Look for GMail Mobile

Last year, the Gmail team were praised for their iOS Gmail UI. It has been so popular, that the UI has now been released onto the Mobile Web App and Chrome Offline App.

The Gmail iOS interface has been pronounced as the best looking app on iOS, in recent months Google has really focused on design across all its products. This new designed has now been made available on the Gmail mobile website. If you go to from your Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS or Android devices, you will now see the new interface.

Also, the Gmail Offline Chrome App, which provides HTML5 offline storage of your Gmail inbox has also been updated with the new interface.

I personally can not understand why there needs to be two Gmail apps for Chrome. Why can’t the offline capabilities of Gmail Offline be ported to the actually web app? Its very odd user’s have to choose between the two.

Personally, I still prefer the interface and features of the main web app.

Gmail Offline on the Chrome Web Store

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