Google has just released the latest stable update to  Chrome, version 26, adding in spell checker improvements, desktop shortcuts for multiple users profiles and support for Asynchronous DNS resolver.

The major new feature in Chrome 26 is an improved spell checker which now uses Google Search technology to provide grammar, proper nouns, homonyms, and context-sensitive spell checking. This is the same feature which was ported over to Google Docs earlier this year. Plus, it will also spell check real names as well, so you will never misspell Justin Bieber again!

Speaking of languages, dictionary support for Korean, Tamil and Albanian is now included. Custom dictionary words will now be synced across all your Chrome devices.

Minor changes to user profiles have been made, Windows users can now create desktop shortcuts for each user profile in Chrome. Finally, Asynchronous DNS resolver support has been added for Mac and Linux.

Chrome 26 also features a slue of security updates, making your browsing experience even more secure!

  • Use-after-free in Web Audio (Atte Kettunen)
  • Out-of-bounds read in URL loader (Cris Neckar).
  • Do not navigate dev tools upon drag and drop (Vsevolod Vlasov)
  • Use-after-free with pop-up windows in extensions (Mustafa Emre Acer).
  • Use-after-free in extension bookmarks API (Mustafa Emre Acer).
  • Ensure isolated web sites run in their own processes.
  • Avoid HTTP basic auth brute force attempts (t3553r)
  • Memory safety issues in the USB Apps API (Mustafa Emre Acer)
  • Check an extension’s permissions API usage again file permissions (Benjamin Kalman)
  • Avoid leaking URLs to extensions without the tabs permissions (Michael Vrable)
  • Avoid pasting active tags in certain situations (Subho Halder, Aditya Gupta, and Dev Kar of xys3c

Finally, Webkit has been updated to version 537.31 and V8 has been updated to version

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