Google I/O 2013 kicked out today, opening with a 3 hour keynote highlighting new products and improvements coming to the Android and Chrome platforms from Google. 


  • Android Studio – a new IDE for Android which is powered by IntelliJ IDEA. Available today as free download.
  • Google Play services 3.1 – adds support for four new APIs.
    • Google Play games services – Google+ social features into your games. Support for achievements, leaderboards and matchmaking.
    • Location APIs – allowing apps to add location and context awareness.
    • Google Cloud Messaging Improvements – bidirectional XMPP messaging between server and devices, plus synced notifications.
    • Cross-Platform Single Sign On – Allows users to sign in once on all their devices using Google+.
  • Google Play Developer Console – new features in console
    • App translations
    • Revenue Graphs
    • Alpha and beta testing
    • Staged Rollouts
    • Optimisation tips
    • Google Analytics
    • Referral tracking
  • Google App Engine to support PHP and Cloud Storage, targeting Amazon EC2 customers

Google Play

  • Google Play website redesign
  • Google Play Music All Access – Subscription based music streaming. It provides unlimited access to music for $9.99/month (or $7.99/month before 30th June) Currently US only, but coming to other countries very soon.
    • You can combine your library of music stored in the cloud with Google’s streaming library.
    • Google Play Music website redesign supporting new All Access service.
    • Updated Google Play Music Android app supporting new All Access service.
  • Google Play for Education – Google Play can now manage mass deployment of apps to education tablets with payments handled by school purchase orders.
  • Google Play Books app updated with a new user interface and support for cloud-syncing ePubs and PDFs. You can now upload ePUB and PDF documents via the web, and they will sync to all your devices.


  • Complete redesign of Google+ stream.
  • New Google+ Photo features
    • Can now pick your best photos from each library, known as Highlights
    • Google+ is able to auto-enhance all your photos
    • Google+ is able to make your photos “Awesome” by adding HDR, making people smile in photos, turning your photos into GIFs.
  • Hangouts – a new unified messaging service. It supports single or group text chat with pictures and supports video chat. It is available within Google+ and Gmail, as well as an Android app (which replaces Google Talk), iOS app and Chrome extension.
  • Hangouts app coming to Glass


  • Google Voice Search coming to Chrome and Chrome OS. Just say “Ok, Google…”
  • Google Search now recognises hot words, such as “show me photos from New York” or “when does my flight leave”
  • Google Search app updated supporting new cards. Location-based Reminders, details on music, TV, books, video games and public transit.


  • All-new Google Maps for the web. New user interface with benefits from WebGL technologies. Integrating Google Earth into Google Maps, with no plugin required. 
  • Redesigned Google Maps Android app and all-new iPad app coming this summer.


  • Gmail messages now have action boxes, which allows you to take certain actions on an email message. For instance, a email message about an event can be added to your Google Calendar, or an email about a flight will display an action box about that flight.
  • US Gmail users can now send money as an attachment using Google Wallet. Furthermore Google Wallet is now supported on HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2.

Google TV

  • Google TV updated to Android 4.2.2, Chrome is now a separate app. Users will gain the benefits of Android Jelly Bean, plus improved updating system making updates quicker for OEMs. Chrome is now a separate and can benefit from a six-week update cycle, plus the browser now supports hardware-based content protection for DRM content.
  • New Google TV hardware to be released later this year.


  • YouTube to support VP9 video streaming
  • YouTube for Google TV has been updated with a new home screen UI and support for paid subscriptions. 


  • 900 million devices activated
  • 48 billion apps downloaded
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 with stock Android and guarantee updates. Available from Google Play Store from 26th June for $649


  • 750 million active users – World’s most-popular browser
  • Data Compression coming to Chrome for Mobile coming weeks.

You can watch to full 3 and half hour keynote on YouTube, including Larry Page’s Q&A session.

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