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Promo runs until Dec 21 in the US, 31 Jan in the UK

Not yet on team Chromecast? The latest festive promotional offer from Google could well change that.

From December 7 through 21, the search giant is giving away $20 worth of free Google Play Store credit with new Chromecast purchases in the US. 

In the UK the deal offers £15 credit and a more flexible deadline of January 31st.

German users can claim €15 on a dongle bought from the Play Store only after November 28.

Only new devices bought from approved sellers are eligible for this offer, and needs to be redeemed by January 31st in all applicable countries. After this date, regardless of when or where you bought your device, you will no longer be eligible and your free credit will be gone.

Much sad. No sanguine. Don’t let it happen!

Credit for more than movies

When redeemed, you’ll have until January 31, 2016 to spend your free digital dosh on Google Play.

Google’s promotional blurb suggests that the credit is for the purchase and retail of movies and TV shows but it can, as we saw in previous promotions, be spent on any content  in the Play Store, including Android apps but barring hardware.

To show just how much of a deal that is you’ll essentially be buying your device for half price or less (depending on locale):

  • US: $20 credit with a $35 (MSRP) Chromecast purchase before December 21st
  • UK: £15 credit with a £30 (RRP) Chromecast purchase before January 31st.
  • DE: €15 credit for a €35 (RRP) Chromecast purchase from the Play Store before January 31st.

If you don’t yet have a Chromecast but planned to buy some apps, games, books and movies over the holidays, this deal could turn out great — casting two birds with one dongle, if you will.

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