Chrome Photo Backup to Google+ Photos
Cloud Import now fulfils this function

The Google+ Photos Chrome app will stop working from July, Google has announced.

Available on Chrome OS only, the tool currently provides Chromebook owners with a way to upload and manage photos on their Google+ account.

From July 21, 2015 the app will no longer work.

You won’t be able to upload new photos or view existing ones using it.

Google+ Photos: Say Cheese & Die

The news follows the launch of Google Photos, the search giant’s new standalone photo backup and management service for web and mobile. It offers unlimited uploads, brand new features, and doesn’t requires a Google+ account.

Repurposed and now free of connections to Google’s social network the Google+ Photo Chrome app is out of frame.

Google has already begun advising users of the app of the impending shutdown via an in-app banner.

google+ photos chrome app will be discontinued

Don’t Panic, Your Google+ Photos Are Safe

The important takeaway here is that no functionality is actually being lost, despite the app itself being axed.

Any photos that have been uploaded through the app, edited in it or backed-up through the cloud back up feature are safe and stored in the cloud. You can view them at anytime using the (newly updated) Google Photos apps for Android and iOS or by pointing your web-browser at the new Google Photos website:

Visit The New Google Photos Website

Google introduced Cloud Import to Chrome OS earlier this year to handle automatic back-ups of photos on SD cards and MTP devices to Google Drive, expanding on a feature previously handled by the Google+ Photos app.

Did you use this app? Will you miss it? Never heard of it? Grab it while you can…

Google+ Photos App on Chrome Web Store